Chester Woman’s Appeal

By: Curious in Geauga

Does anyone remember the story of the Chester woman Judy K. Zamlen-Potts and Joy Keco?

Judy claimed the other woman attacked her at a Geauga Park District Commissioners meeting in 2015. She ended up taking the women to court and losing the case. Old Judy was ordered to pay the other woman’s attorney fees and expenses. The article says around $48,000, thats a lot of money. 

After reading the court documents and following the case , which some of Judys claims were to say the least entertaining. It went for appeal in December and have been wondering what happened to Judy. Does she have to pay back the fees and expenses?  I sure hope she has to pay that women back. If your curious like me or maybe want some good entertainment read the court documents.

8 thoughts on “Chester Woman’s Appeal

  1. The Court of Appeals overturned the lousy decision by former Judge Forest Burt. Keco was to pay her own legal fees which are somewhere in the neighborhood of $78,000. Lies catch up to lying liars.

  2. Joy Keco, “I should have beat the shit out of her..” From Geauga Rangers Report

  3. I just read the appeal decision, and Joy Keco has to pay court costs on top of her loss. Mary Alice told us that Joy’s husband was really upset. Someone blamed Joy for Nora’s illness getting worse, she was doing okay and then this situation made things so much worse for her.

    I read the decision and it looks like the best testimony came from Keco. Judge Trapp repeated the statements where Joy said, “I should have beat the shit out of her…” Very classy Joy. She is no representative of the Horseman’s Council.

  4. Does anyone know why Shelly Chernin doesn’t shave her legs? I saw her this summer and she looked like a hairy, sweaty gorilla. I almost threw up.

  5. This is big. Judges do not like to overturn or reverse decisions. They really do not do this often. This is big. The Democrat Judges are the best. The Republicans are not as caring or sharp.

  6. Forget about it.., Nosey, you should have seen Mrs. Buckles. She would sit in the front row at the park board meetings with her legs spread open, and no underwear.

  7. I think it’ more than that…, she said that she should have, “beat the shit out of her.” In the decision, the Judge pointed out that Keco admitted when she confronted Spotts, that Spotts said, “I’m not interested, leave me alone or I will contact the ranger.” My feeling is, Keco was the aggressor. I am going to see if I can post the entire print out of the court transcript for Curious. I’m curious too!

  8. Thanks for the post, “Curious”. Wait till you see what is coming down the pike for Protect Geauga Parks…, just wait!

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