Geauga County Sheriff’s Primary 2020 – Your Choice

BY: Me

You have a choice between two candidates, incumbent Sheriff Scott Hildenbrand and formidable challenger Jimmy Lee Holden. Here are some facts about both contenders:

Chief Deputy under previous Sheriff  and “good old boy”Dan McClelland. Basically Hildenbrand was McClelland’s good friend and lap dog doing whatever he was told. Dan rewarded Scott by allowing him to retire/rehire, collecting a large lump sum, which was contrary to past statements made by Dan against retire/rehire. This is a horrible and greedy practice, demoralizing to other competent employees, not giving them a chance to move up. That’s the “good old boys” network for you, keeping jobs and money amongst friends and family.

To make a long story short, Hildenbrand was rehired into his old position of Chief Deputy. Later when McClelland retired he told everyone Hildenbrand was the best man to replace him. Wrong!

Present time….Scott Hildenbrand has been our Sheriff since Dan retired BUT NOT A FULL TIME ONE. He is also the Fire Chief of Hambden Twp. He is collecting two paychecks with NO documentation of his hours and is not at the Sheriff Department very often. How can you hold these two positions and give the people your all? Hildenbrand should have picked ONE and resigned from the other but I guess greed got in the way. The opioid problem is escalating and so is crime. This is a horrible disservice to the people of Geauga County! 

Recently retired as Lieutenant from University Hts. Police Dept., Holden is very dedicated and accomplished in law enforcement with an excellent reputation. His wife is also in law enforcement, it runs in the family.

Jimmy Lee Holden is not a politician nor is he controlled or manipulated by the Party. He is his own man, NOT dependent on the Party to win this election. This is important to know because if you are controlled by the party, you work for the Party and not the people.  The Party hates politicians and candidates who are not dependent on them. It’s all about control.

Holden is a respected veteran law enforcement officer, a state certified firearms instructor, and was trainer of other policemen at the police academy. 

More importantly, he is a strong Constitutional supporter with emphasis on the Second Amendment.  Jimmy Lee Holden is a member of  Sheriff Richard Mack’s “NATIONAL CONSTITUTIONAL SHERIFF AND POLICE CHIEFS ASSOCIATION. In these turbulent times in or government with more anti Second Amendment politicians threatening our rights, it’s even more important to have a Constitutional Sheriff like this with the grit to push back on unconstitutional federal or state overreach. 

Holden has all the qualities we need in a Sheriff to put the department back into shape giving us a better, safer Geauga. HE WILL BE A FULL TIME SHERIFF!


58 thoughts on “Geauga County Sheriff’s Primary 2020 – Your Choice

  1. What did Mr. Holden do in his career to earn the votes of Geauga County residents?

    Just because he is pro2A doesn’t make him the best candidate. All law enforcement officers swear to uphold the constitution, it is called the oath of office and is maintained by the law enforcement agency.

  2. Holden’s main asset is that he isn’t Scott Hildebrand. Hildebrand had one of his closest assistants, Hiscox, who was nothing more than an errand boy. Hiscox was never commissioned, so he couldn’t carry a gun, write a traffic ticket, make an arrest or even turn the lights on in his car. For that he was making a $91,000/year salary, plus benefits and as a retire/rehire was also getting a pension. Did you know the Sheriff’s annual budget is $11 million. And he was driving a high priced tactical vehicle out to lunch, which did not make the other deputies happy.

    Holden will not put up with that crap. Everyone who should be commissioned and isn’t will get a chance to get a commission or will be looking for a new job. He will improve training and demand efficiency in a department that doesn’t even write reports for a lot of crimes so that the county looks good on paper.

    Holden will be the fresh air we need in the county. It’s time to end the good old boy’s network.

    And, by the way, his wife is a Lieutenant in a large police department, she isn’t just in law enforcement.

  3. What platform does Mr. Holden stand on? What specifically has he done and what specifically is he going to do if elected sheriff.

    Based on his supporters comments he lacks substance.


    The real question is, what did Hildenbrand do to earn the votes of Geauga County Residents. I’ll tell you.
    1) He was not voted in. In the last election he was unopposed. Now people have a choice.
    2) He runs a sloppy department.
    3) He pads the payroll with friends who are not commissioned, which means they cannot perform ANY of
    the duties of a REAL DEPUTY such as making arrests, writing tickets, interrogating suspects,
    investigating crime, turning the red lights on, etc. A lot of dead weight and waste of taxpayer money.
    4) He is a part time Sheriff. Not there that often. Part time because he is also Hambden Twp. Fire Chief.
    5) He is a scammer of our system, being a retire/rehire and collecting 2 paychecks; one as Sheriff and
    one as Fire Chief. It’s all about the money Q baby. That is appalling!
    6) The drug problem in Geauga is escalating and also crime. I don’t see much being done about it.
    Speaking about that…..their are rumors about his daughter and son in that arena. At this point they are
    just rumors, but I feel where there’s smoke there’s fire.
    7) There are no reports being filed for reported crimes. I’m not sure the extent of it.

    Ok….is this enough for you Q? Wowwww….you’re a real winner for supporting a person with such sterling qualifications!

    “What has Mr. Holden done”? You obviously aren’t paying attention or are purposely ignoring what has been said about him on other posts including this one. It’s easy to get info on him so do your homework and quit asking stupid questions.

    “Pro 2A doesn’t make him the best candidate”? Maybe not that singular issue but it is very important. You are ignoring his other qualifications, singling out that and trying to make it trivial.

    “All law enforcement officers swear to uphold the constitution”. Yes, and all politicians also. They cannot hold office or be hired without taking that oath. And that is a joke for most of them because the Constitution is greatly ignored. Ha. ha. ha! What land are you living in, Disney?

    I’m sorry but your comments seem very ignorant. You sound like a DUMMY.


    Why do you keep making these stupid unsubstantiated comments? You are the one who lacks substance. All that is said about your buddy Hildenbrand you don’t refute because you can’t. It is all factual.

  6. Oooh, you angry. Have you read DT Jr’s book “Triggered” ? Resorting to name calling, The ritcheoous will present facts the weak will sling insults.

    Bless your heart. ❄


    I’m not angry at all and I’m not name calling. Obviously you didn’t notice all the facts I presented above and at the very end I said “I’m sorry but your comments seem very ignorant. You sound like a DUMMY “. I’m just stating what your comments make you sound like. Out of a whole commentary you like to zero in on just one thing and ignore the rest. I won’t waste my time responding to you anymore. You detract from the real issues. You like quotes so here’s one for you…..”argue with a fool and YOU will look like a fool”. I’m afraid I’m in danger of that.

  8. Sounds like Holdin doesn’t know how the sheriffs office is ran. Not all people are commissioned. If he’s talking about salary what was his salary at his last job? Also what did his employees get for raises? I’m sure Holdin or his buddies came up with this site and thinks bashing the sheriffs office is a good way to run a campaign. Maybe people need to talk to the past employees that worked with Holdin, trust me they are not fans. Also talk to people in Euclid. Maybe he should just stay retired do the county a favor!!!

  9. Just a fact check, per the ORC the Sheriff’s position is only part time. Not sure if you guy were aware of that.

  10. Retire rehire, it’s mentioned that Hildenbrandt is retired rehired. But it’s my understanding that Holden would also be retired and be collecting two checks if he becomes sheriff. About the crime rising. My neighbors house was broken into last year the deputies were able to arrest the two guys within 24 hrs. And wasn’t there a huge news thing about them arrested the robbery guy. Sounds like the deputies are on top their game!!

  11. i like the fact that most information is public record, Holden was going to run the last time but he got greedy and decided that he would take a promotion to make 115,000 as a lieutenant, and voted himself a 7% pay raise, but a lieutenant at the sheriffs office makes 91,000 and he’s upset…ha ha ha. all these people complaining about retires rehires he’d be doing the same thing. The real facts are Sheriff Hildenbrand was duly elected as the law requires, he runs a top notch department with great officers and employees. remember not all 117 full time employees are commissioned just the 50 or so road deputies who come to work everyday and serve the people of Geauga County. The Sheriff’s salary is set by the state legislature, he earns no sick leave, comp time or overtime so if he needs to take a day off he can. he trusts his employees to do their jobs and they do it!
    the narcotics detectives are working hard everyday you don’t see the results until it hits the news. apparently you didn’t see the hard work they did to arrest an armed robbery suspect. If i am not mistaken the Sheriffs office an the prosecutors office is first agency in north east Ohio to successfully prosecute a drug dealer who sold drugs to overdose victims who died. and it appears overdoses are down.

  12. This site is garbage, if you want to win an election do it on your merits not trash talking and supposed “facts”. Someone willing to lower themselves to this standard is not someone I would want as a Sheriff

  13. Happy to support Holden for Sheriff. Conservative, pro 2nd Amendment, tactical instructor, LOTS of law enforcement experience, and will not be divided between 2 jobs. We need experience and someone devoted to the Sheriff’s job and nothing else, let alone another administrative position.

  14. You don’t sound like you are on top of YOUR game. Not comparing apples to apples. Big, big difference between someone retiring from their lifetime work then going thru the process of submitting applications/resumes to seek employment elsewhere as compared to someone retiring from their job and rehired to the same job the very next day by their buddy so they can collect a large lump sum and continue at the same job depriving other people from moving up. Jimmy Lee Holden IS NOT a retire/rehire. He retired from decades of his life long work in another city and is now running for Sheriff in Geauga. NOT THE SAME COMPARISON dum dum!

    About crime rising…..if you are citing just one incident to show “the deputies are on top their game” and crime is under control in Geauga, you are again a dum dum!

    You are like other Hildenbrand supporters on this blog who make ignorant remarks and are inaccurate.

  15. I’m reading these articles and wished to keep an open mind and to look at the facts to make an informed and educated vote. The more I read, the more it seems to me that the people supporting this candidate are angry or possibly former persons having a fall-out of some type with the Sheriff or his personnel. I’m not certain what the angst is, it’s one thing to debate, but when someone simply asks what a candidate has done to earn the votes, it is responded to by doing an about face on the other candidate. And to top it off, is not filled with facts, it’s riddled with rumors, specifically stated by the author! All I have read, is juvenile name calling, rumors, accusations made without support of factual data. That question is a valid question and deserves a fair answer!

    As mentioned previously, the Sheriff’s position is technically a part-time position by statute. Furthermore, I would expect that the sheriff’s office has non-commissioned employees that are not capable of making arrests….in places like the jail, clerks, maintenance, etc. I have heard nothing except how horrible the sheriff’s office is in these articles, I hope this is not a reflection of the candidate as I would feel for the employees being led by someone with this negative overture. I still intend on educating myself about these candidates…hopefully, someone can post factual data and not rumors or accusations.

  16. Another ignorant Hildenbrand supporter with inaccurate info and bullshit. Stating facts and telling the truth is not “bashing”. Many, many of the deputies (current and past) under Hildenbrand are very unhappy with the sloppy way he runs the department and the favoritism he shows. Where do you think a lot of this information comes from?

  17. The Ohio Revised Code (ORC) does not say that. You have failed to state the particular cite in the ORC that specifically says that because it doesn’t exist. Show us the specific citation if you want to prove me wrong!

    Do you think a Sheriff can manage around 170 employees and run an $11,000,000 (eleven million) budget PART TIME, and be efficient and on top of the game? You sound like just another ignorant Hildenbrand supporter.

  18. To “Not Impressed”: I am neither angry nor have EVER had a “fall out” with the current Sheriff in nearly 40 years of living in Geauga County, nor am I uniformed. Nice to have a choice finally. I did, however have NO IDEA that our Sheriff is PART TIME and currently serves as a head of ANOTHER safety department in the SAME COUNTY. If there is an emergency involving both departments, tell me, what hat does he wear?? Sorry, I want someone who is devoted to one and only one safety service within the same county. Too many opportunities for cronyism and conflict of interest, not even counting the sheer lack of time to devote properly to one job.


    I see you are trying to sound educated and un biased but you are either a close friend of, relative of, or Hildenbrand himself.

    As I stated above about Sheriff being a part time position…..The Ohio Revised Code (ORC) does not say that. You have failed to state the particular cite in the ORC that specifically says that because it doesn’t exist. Show us the specific citation if you want to prove me wrong!

    “But when someone simply asks what a candidate has done to earn the votes”……Anyone with common sense, and I repeat common sense, that would like to know the answer to that would go straight to the candidate or his website and get it straight from the horses mouth, not this independent blog. It’s obvious what you are trying to do.

    Everything stated , on this blog, about part time triple dipping Hildenbrand and how he runs the Sheriffs department is true. A lot of people know this and are looking for a change.

  20. The people most supportive of Hildenbrand are the political hires. They, and their families need to support the hand that feeds them. The current Sheriff has a bloated budget and the highest number of employees in the history of the Sheriff’s department.

  21. Definitely not true. The deputies commissioned or not are happy with the current Sheriff. Whoever Informed you the Sheriff is never in is also wrong. This Sheriff has the right people in the right positions to handle their duties without a Sheriff micro-managing them.

    I do, however agree that supporters of the Challenger are past employees who carry a chip on their shoulder for being given chance after chance to improve and did not do so. Sloppy work ethics, not being able to perform their sworn duty due their physical shape etc.

    The current Sheriff has continued to improve on what Sheriff Dan started. It is a fantastic group of men and women who work hard on serving the citizens of Geauga County.

    A Challenger should run on his character and abilities, not down grading his rival to get votes. If this man is as good as stated, no need to bash the current Sheriff.

  22. Not a “political hire”, I support the Sheriff. I agree, he has continued the work set up by Dan.
    Having the right people in the right positions is the Sheriff’s job. He does not need to be at the office 24/7.
    The administration is very approachable and open to the employees and the citizens of Geauga County.
    Good luck Sheriff!

  23. Anyone of you would jump at the chance to make more money. Don’t belittle the Sheriff for doing what we all would if the same chance was available to you.

  24. Mr. Hiscox, does not know how To do any of his jobs. He reads thé paper all day and has lunch. He threatend To punch a female worker in records in thé face. Thé sheriffs swept it under thé rug by saying he has To go To anger management, which he never did. I have many more stories of good ole boys corruption.

  25. Me:

    Allow me to show you the section of the ORC where county elected officials are only required to report to work once every 90 days and after that their position becomes “vacant.”

    305.03 Absence of certain county officers; office deemed vacant.

    (1) Whenever any county officer, except the county auditor or county treasurer, fails to perform the duties of office for ninety consecutive days, except in case of sickness or injury as provided in divisions (B) and (C) of this section, the office shall be deemed vacant.

    I do indeed have common sense and checked Mr. Holden’s website and it provides his bio, an award received, church meetings, a donation page and 5 items he would change/implement at the sheriff’s office; however, there is nothing further describing what his actions will be and why he feels it’s important to address and/or change. So yes, as this website is being promoted to support Mr. Holden, I thought it may provide some of the candidate’s insight….it didn’t take long to see how people claiming to be adults are acting in a juvenile manner and resort to right off the bat name calling if the same view isn’t seen by the other person.

  26. Your comments are fair, you expressed concern and spoke in a civil manner. There are others that seem to have difficulty with that!!

    In all honesty, I don’t know that the sheriff is needed at every emergency, if his staff is competent to handle them there’s probably not a need. Maybe on larger scale incidents or another member of his administration. I would think that may suffice…but again, you’re entitled to your opinion on how you feel. Good day!


    You have shown me nothing except how ignorant you are. You either don’t understand what you’re reading or are twisting it to fit your phony narrative.

    Again…..nowhere in ORC 305.03 does it say the office of Sheriff is part time!!! There are NO words like that! It addresses ALL county elected officials who fail to perform their duties within a specified time period and at that time their office will be deemed vacant. THAT’S ALL IT ADDRESSES!!! Get it?!

    If it’s applied the way you’ve twisted it then Judges and everyone else would be considered “part time” and could just come in once every 90 days. There would be complete chaos!

    No one should listen to you. You don’t know what you’re talking about!



    Really? And just what has Hildenbrand “continued to improve on what Sheriff Dan started”? What aJoke. It’s not just past employees who are not happy with Hildenbrand but also MANY current ones.

    “Sloppy work ethics, not being able to perform their sworn duty due their physical shape etc.”? The DEPARTMENT is run sloppy. You want to talk about physical shape? Hildenbrand is obese, out of shape, doesn’t look healthy. He is not a good example to the Deputies.

    Pointing out facts is not bashing. Elected officials should be held to a higher standard and criticized harshly if not doing their job well.

    It’s amusing how you small group of supporters whitewash and sugar coat part time, triple dipping Hildenbrand.

  29. IN RESPONCE TO: Claridon township.

    Ooooh noooo, not another Hildenbrand supporter with more IGNORANT remarks!

    Of course no one would belittle anyone for wanting to make more money and having 10 jobs if they had the initiative to do so in the PRIVATE SECTOR. But there is a huge difference when in the PUBLIC SECTOR, getting paid with the peoples tax money and raping the system like TRIPLE DIPPING HILDENBRAND is doing. You obviously don’t have the mental capability to see the difference and how wrong it is.

  30. Point out these “many” current employees. Everyone at some time disagrees with their boss. That does not mean they don’t support him.

    I’m sure if you work, you at times disagree with what your boss or company do. It’s part of being employed.

    It’s the employees who were terminated or resigned to save face that are against our Sheriff. Of course they are bitter. That too is part of life.

    That being said, those who are not longer working at the sheriff’s office deserve what they received.

  31. Funny reading that as the sheriff is required to be in the office once every 90 days, so yea that’s part time like all the elected officials

  32. TO: Anonymous

    Oh yes, for sure! I will post all the names of currant employees who are not happy with Hildenbrand just for you! KNUCKLEHEAD.

    You make it sound like all the employees just love Hidenbrand and the ones who are not happy with the way things are run are all disgruntled and shouldn’t be listened to. It’s not a matter of “disagreeing with the boss”, it’s about how poorly and unprofessionally the Sheriff department is run.

  33. TO: Not impressed

    Lol, lol…..normally I would not reply to such an irrelevant to the issues remark like this but it struck me funny as to why you would even think any of the bloggers on this site would even know the answer to that. How the hell do we know!

  34. Someone is impersonating me in the comment above. I did not say “They dont want the people to know the real truth”.

  35. And there it is…lol, look up the words “full time” in the ORC. Furthermore, look up cases in Ohio, maybe, hmmmm….Clermont County where this issue in particular came to fruition recently. I think you may see things a little more clearly after you read up on that. I love your name calling though, those are your most colorful words spoken!

    P.S. “RESPONCE” is actually spelled “RESPONSE”

    33 more days….

  36. You should check out the stats at University hts when Holden was there and in charge. In 2014 they arrest 8 dui’s for the entire year. I’m not knocking Thompson police but they have a guy that has arrested like 12 in a year. What is Holden going to do as sheriff? I think he just wants to walk around wearing them goofy ass hats that they wear.

  37. Did you see what that award was for?
    It’s just as bad as paying Sheriff Mack for signing the endorsement that jimmy typed. If I remember correctly he told AJ or BJ (can’t remember which one, they act the same) that he was charged $225 for him to endorse him. Now that scraping the bottom of the barrel.

  38. Well let’s see how about some more stats on felony and misdemeanor arrests. How about running from call to call for offenses not traffic oriented. As a lieutenant Jimmie Lee is running the shift and after hours and weekends the whole city. When he was a patrolman and even a sergeant he was always proactive everything. University Heights does not have the type of traffic like Thompson with open and at times desolate roads, nor the low amount of calls like Thompson. I will take Jimmie Lee over Hildebrand any day of the week. How many DUI’s arrest does the sheriff have to boast. How many car chases was he is. How many actual physical arrests was the sheriff involved in. By the way how many of these activities do you have under your belt. I can swear to plenty of traffic dui’s I made. Felony arrests I made, misdemeanor arrests I also made. I can also attest to Jimmie Lee’s doing the same with his record. I also use my name and stand by what I say.

  39. His platform is exactly what we need. Safety, service, and commitment to the people of Geauga county. Everybody’s call is important to them and they want action and answers. He will pick the right people for the right jobs to make sure the residents receive the proper treatment and response to their complaints. Being involved with police training his whole career he will make sure that his personnel receive and maintain a high level of training and expertise. He has hands on experience with running a shift, the jail, a Swat team, training program and much more police related activities. He has a high level of fairness and justice. He is honest and gives direct answers and it is not a politicians type answer. He will tell you like it is not what he thinks you want to hear.

  40. To J: How do you know that Holden’s former coworkers won’t endorse him? There were some at the Republicans Forum Feb. 17th in support of him.

  41. Really. I pulled UHPD stats. 8 OVI’s in a year for the entire department. Wow. How often does your chief run traffic? That’s not the sheriff’s job he has an office to run not traffic, when he did worked the road he had good stats and was involved in chases. There’s a saying in police work those who can’t, teach!

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