Sheriff’s Information Officer Retiring

By: Throw Our Money Away

Lt. John Hiscox is retiring on February 14th. He has worked for the Sheriff’s Dept. since he helped Red Simmons get into office.

Call it whatever they will, he held the job of a clerk who disseminated information to the public.  

He was never a commissioned officer, so he could not carry a gun or make an arrest or even turn the lights on in his vehicle.

What will he miss most about his job? Probably the $91,000/yr. salary and 32% extra benefits. Nice  pay for a clerk.

13 thoughts on “Sheriff’s Information Officer Retiring

  1. Also, he is a retire/rehire. Scott Hildenbrand helped this guy rake in tens of thousands of dollars, all the while he did nothing, contributed nothing to our safety or well being. Scott used his position to benefit family and friends.

  2. Too late Scott! This guy was paid over a million dollars plus during the course of his weak and worthless career. Now he can go back to selling insurance, and badly if I may say.

  3. Good riddance Hiscox! One less greedy, do nothing pig at the public trough to suck up taxpayer money needlessly.

  4. You have to know that this guy was on the payroll under Dan McClelland and he was a big waste of time on this staff. The guy supervised a record room. He drove a vehicle that should have been reserved for emergencies, etc.

    What a huge disservice this guy was and also what poor judgement on the part of McClelland and Hildenbrand!

    Crime has skyrocketed, the opiod crisis is so dangerous, theft is up, vandalism is up, drug deals are happening at local areas, etc., and we have this obese, mean spirited Hiscox getting in the way of what a real deputy should be doing….

    This is a deal breaker.

  5. What do Hiscox and Hildenbrand have in common? They never met a meal they didn’t like.

    (And didn’t they both have a gastric by-pass done? They should demand their money back.)

  6. They were very open about their gastric by-pass surgeries, they spoke publicly about the procedures. But it looks like the surgery didn’t take…

    Also, I doubt that they used sick leave because when Hildenbrand retired/rehired he received thousands of dollars for “sick leave, vacation, etc.” See below:

    Deputy Scott Hildenbrand
    Gross Earnings per W-2
    2013 $ 161,798.92
    2014 $ 91,489.92

    How’s that? Pretty disgusting.

  7. It makes me sick to my stomach. The county just keeps cheating all of us. A pox on them all.

  8. fact check, Hiscox did not retire and get rehired, he’s retiring this month.

  9. Lieutenant? He sat at a desk and stuffed donuts into his face most of the day. He was no deputy. Good riddance.

  10. I had no issues with him, or Sheriff McClelland. They knew what they were doing and were kind to me. But I’m no longer in the county so things may have changed.

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