Geauga Sheriff Candidate Jimmy Lee Holden

BY: Person for Holden

I received this invitation to a fund raiser/meet and greet for Geauga Sheriff candidate Jimmy Lee Holden and I am sharing it with all who would like to attend, and I urge you to do so.

We need a strong FULL TIME Sheriff with experience who will bring back to the department honesty, efficiency, and professionalism. Let me emphasize “FULL TIME”. The Sheriff we have now, Scott Hildenbrand, wears 2 hats. He is Fire Chief in Hambden Twp. and simultaneously Geauga Sheriff. A jack of all trades is master of none. He is not giving us 100%.

Please come out and support Jimmy Lee Holden.  

34 thoughts on “Geauga Sheriff Candidate Jimmy Lee Holden

  1. So nice to see that Jimmy Lee Holden is a candidate for Geauga Sheriff. He has tremendous credentials and is a wonderful family man.

  2. From what I understand, Holden is a member of the National Constitutional Sheriffs And Police Chiefs Association established by Sheriff Richard Mack who became nationally famous when he defied the Clinton administration by refusing to enforce the Brady Bill, an assault on our Second Amendment, and won a great Supreme Court decision on that. Macks association is filled with Sheriffs and Police Chiefs with backbone, including Jimmy Lee Holden, who are truly protecting their Countys from government overreach.

  3. Sheriff Hildebrand has added 30 additional people to his already 140 person department with a salary budget of $11 million a year. We are being taken to the cleaners. I will never vote for him again.

  4. The Geauga County Commissioners are approving consecutive raises for the Sheriff’s Department, higher than we are getting in our department. When asked where the money is coming from to pay one of the highest draining budgets in the county, Commissioner Ralph Spidalieri said, “We are flush with cash, we have a ten million dollar surplus!”

    Tim Lennon is a trust fund child, he has no concerns about money. Dvorak is a liberal union hack, he has cozied up to a number of cash cows, he has no concern about money.

    And Ralph Spidalieri is bragging about his little helicopter. He has become a tax and spend liberal, he has failed the constituency who elected him and ousted Mary Samide. Ralph is a weasel.

    Throwing more money at the cash cow Sheriff’s Department, not a problem, we the residents will be paying more and more, and the Sheriff and Commissioners could care less.

  5. Lennon’s trust fund money continues only as long as he is working (same with the rest of his family). He is just going through the motions of being the Commissioner. It’s better than actually working for a living.

  6. Shocking that you say that Holden has tremendous credentials. He has quite a few court cases! Disorderly conduct, expired plates, loitering etc… I was shocked when I looked this guy up. Wow if you think his credentials are tremendous I have a bridge to sell you.

  7. I know his wife, she is a police officer too! Our children attend the same school. It’s nice to have a choice now, we have never had a choice in Geauga County in the Sheriff’s race.

  8. In response to Paige Lee, if you are Scott’s friend, or employee (more like it) you are not selling bridges…, it’s more like something else.

  9. What’s your real name, Paige? Let’s look into your background to see what we can find and let’s see who you work for. If this is the worst you can come up with on Jimmy Lee Holden, I think we are going to have a new Sheriff.

    Rumor has it that Hildenbrand’s oldest son was one of the biggest drug dealers in the county and was never arrested because his father worked for the Sheriff’s Dept.


    My dear Paige, I seriously doubt you have your information correct. You have either looked up another person with the same name by mistake or are making this up. Make sure you have the correct information when making statements about someone. Besides being not true it is totally irrelevant to qualifications and credentials. IS THAT ALL YOU’VE GOT?

  11. I would be intersted to see Mr. Lee’s work experience that has prepared him to be Sheriff.

    I am sure being a member of the National Constitutional Sheriffs And Police Chiefs Association is one of the qualifications in the Ohio Revised Code

  12. I suspect that being a police officer for forty-two years gives him a lot of experience.

    Having a college diploma is also a requirement, but Hildebrand was grandfathered in without one. Holden won’t put up with uncommissioned officers and the Sheriff’s Dept. is filled with them. And it’s time to get rid of all the cars that people arbitrarily drive home at night.

    It’s time for a shake up. Let’s get rid of the dead weight.

  13. Holden was a terrible instructor at the police academy, he belittled and berated the basic students. and treated fellow employees like garbage funny how he gets an award from his buddy for an incident that occurred 20 years ago just as he’s running for Sheriff, how much did he pay the guy.

  14. I agree. The Sheriff’s budget is bloated, they are spending money on ridiculous things and they have no concerns because they are never questioned. They just keep spending more and what do we have to show for it? Higher crime, extremely slow response time, family hires, nepotism and just a failed program all around.

  15. I politely disagree, he was an amazing instructor for my wife and I when we went through the police academy. He is not a hand holder, but he showed great respect and gave us all the support, direction we needed. I’m proud of this man.

  16. I will look into it
    thanks. Also same for the rest of you and the rumors you are spreading of others. Sorry to disappoint all of you I don’t work for the sheriff and I’m not hanging out with him. I’m a stay at home mom. So maybe you don’t know everything as all of you claim. I have called the sheriff office on occasion for assistance and they were great and helpful. If you don’t like rumors spread of holden maybe you all should take your own advice. This website is a bunch of looney hypocrites

  17. I worked with Jimmie Lee for over 20 years and would do it again in a heart beat. I see a lot of misinformation, nonsensical innuendoes, and yes let’s not forget the people with sour grapes. Jimmie Lee is very straight forward. He will answer you honestly and not try to flower it up ,or exaggerate the answer. He has his opinions, values, and his stand by his word attitude. Some people are off put by him because he will not coddle, placate, or pamper them by giving in to, or relenting to them just to pacify them. Those are your sour grape people be it citizens or employees.
    Jimmie’s experience is in law enforcement all the way. From being a first responder, to on scene commander. Starting initial investigations by directing his officers to secure the scene, render assistance to the injured, obtain eye witness information, identify and secure evidence that may be destroyed or carried away. Then either pass the case on to detectives if criminal, or retain and complete other cases like traffic cases. I think he will be a very good sheriff for the people of Geauga County and will make sure the whole department is ready to serve and protect the people, property and rights of it’s citizens..

  18. Funny the only people that ever complained about his ability to instruct were lacking and barely passed or did not pass at all. Sour grapes former student. Did you get hired somewhere anyway?

  19. Good for you Deputy. You won’t be sorry with him as sheriff. Honesty is always a good policy and shows you are looking out for the citizens.

  20. Still waiting years later for it to come out that Hildebrand knew that one of the leaders of the juvenile “explorers” group at the fire department was having sex with a minor for years. She ended up having a baby with the guy, now the guy works for the sheriffs off as a dispatcher. You cant dispute it- subtract his age minus the childs and he was obviously underage.
    Great Chief and Sheriff, if you know something illegal is repeatedly taking place yet you let it continue to happen anyways. Not the Sheriff the people need or want. He just wants to wear the hats.

  21. @ Need a new – MORAL – Sheriff in town
    I wonder how many other people also knew about it and did nothing about it. The statue of limitations probably has run out on the felony charges that could have been pursued. Depending on her age In my opinion rape charges should have been brought among other felonies. What is the difference between him and other pedophiles???????

  22. Yet another allegation from the pro-Holden clan with zero supporting evidence! I’m not saying it is or is not true, but where are the facts? Anytime anything that suggests malfeasance on the part of one of those supported by the admin of this blog, good ol Sleeping Lion (or one of the other associates) swoops in with their ALL CAPS TYPING (the internet equivalent of the SJW screaming tactics) calling the poster a liar, ignorant, crony, or some other insult. Where are you now Lion? Musta overslept…..

    I make no assumption about the truth of the above post. I have seen no evidence to support or disprove it. But the double standard on this blog is disgusting. Almost as disgusting as the behavior of some of it’s most prominent posters.

  23. Just read your post. A college degree is NOT required. Per state law:
    311.01 Election and qualifications of sheriff
    (9) The person meets at least ONE of the following conditions:

    (a) Has at least two consecutive years of supervisory experience as a peace officer at the rank of sergeant or above;

    (b) Has completed a bachelor’s degree in any field or has an associate degree in law enforcement or criminal justice from a college or university authorized to confer degrees by the Ohio board of regents or the comparable agency of another state in which the college or university is located

    He was not “grandfathered” in at all. Once again, the admin of this blog is demanding of facts being presented for accusations made…unless its regarding the candidate they don’t like!

  24. @Disgusted – I’m not giving names on here. While it is provable by aging and baby and the boy, he has a family and works at the FD and SO, and to call him out based on his juvenile rape by an authoritative figure – that was well known about by staff at the FD – is not fair to him or his child. I’m not necessarily pro Holden, so whatever this sleeping lion rambling thing you had going on in your previous post was about, in not sure. But GC deserves someone who doesn’t turn a blind eye to child predators under his own nose, such as Hildenbrand.

  25. I have met Mr. Holden and I was most impressed by his knowledge of the U.S. Constitution, and his respect for that sacred document. At a time in our history when I have witnessed countless politicians that are willing to trample our rights and freedoms, I find it refreshing and comforting that we have an opportunity to elect a man like Jimmy Lee Holden, who will abide by the obvious intentions of our Founding Fathers, as the Constitution requires. Holden is a true patriot and I believe he will serve the people with integrity.

  26. I have met Mr. Holden and I was most impressed by his knowledge of the U.S. Constitution, and his respect for that sacred document. At a time in our history when I have witnessed countless politicians that are willing to trample our rights and freedoms, I find it refreshing and comforting that we have an opportunity to elect a man like Jimmy Lee Holden, who will abide by the obvious intentions of our Founding Fathers, as the Constitution requires. Holden is a true patriot and I believe he will serve the people with integrity.

  27. So this is a powerful female at a FD that seduced a guy?
    I also heard a rumor that a former Ledgemont admin asst. allegedly caused a GCSO deputy to have a heart attack through various means. This was in 2011?

  28. Please see posts in the facebook groups re: this candidates personnel record from University Hts PD

    Meanwhile, in Geauga County

    Holden’s Files (there is a link in the 1st facebook site if you are unable to pull up)

    This has already been picked up by the local paper, The Geauga County Maple Leaf

    According to a Feb. 6, 2008, letter from then University Heights Police Chief Gary Stehlik to Holden — which was included in Holden’s personnel file — the department suspended Holden for one week for a lengthy list of sexual harassment charges over six years from four dispatchers and other co-workers alleging the following:

    At a retirement party in 2002, and in another instance in 2005, Holden made inappropriate sexual comments to a dispatcher, touched her breasts in 2005, ridiculed and embarrassed her in 2007 and continued to make inappropriate comments about her.

    Another dispatcher accused him of inappropriate comments dating back to 2002, and appearing unannounced and uninvited at her home.

    A third dispatcher claimed Holden made sexual comments to her from August of 1984 to August of 1994, as he escorted her on official business. A fourth dispatcher volunteered to go in her place because she was uncomfortable riding with Holden. Both dispatchers said he consistently joked about their bras and the “colors of the day.”

    One of the dispatchers complained Holden appeared at her house unannounced and tried to kiss her.

    A detective told authorities he witnessed Holden comparing the breast sizes of female employees.

    A dispatcher said in 2003 and 2004, Holden touched her breasts, kissed her and asked if she was interested in a threesome with his wife.

    In 2007, Holden allegedly called one of the dispatchers a bitch and commented to her son: “I could have been your stepdad.”

    In 2008, the owner of a University Heights restaurant complained Holden made several inappropriate comments that made people uncomfortable.

    The letter notified Holden he was suspended for seven days.

  29. REPLY TO: Concerned

    You and a small number of other gossip spreading idiots have blown this whole thing out of proportion and distorted it.

    It is known that the female making the unsubstantiated allegations was very promiscuous amongst many of the policemen. These were allegations…..he said she said. The comments she alleges date as far back as 1984 (36 years ago). Give me a break!

    This reminds me of the disgusting ME TOO crap…..same stuff the far lefty liberals and socialists tried pulling on President Trump and Supreme Court Judge Cavanaugh. The Me Too movement was established by far lefty liberals and socialists. It’s bullshit!

    No woman should be listened to that starts complaining about comments made to her 10, 20, 30 years ago especially if it’s around election time.

  30. So, just a few people?! The Holdens Files Facebook page, where Hold En Touch has his whole file posted, has almost as many likes as Holden for Sheriff page! It’s over folks

  31. Constitutional Sheriffs are right up there on the nutty scale with sovereign citizens.

    Anyone who would vote for Jimmy Lee should be rounded up and put in the booby hatch.

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