Geauga County Rat’s Nest: A Hotbed of Nepotism…

By: 63 Year Geauga County Resident

Geauga County’s workforce is infested with family ties and favor hires.  There are entire families who work for Geauga County, and guess how they vote on levies?

Did you ever wonder how employees with little or no experience are promoted and have increased salaries, while other staff persons are overlooked for promotion and raises?  

The Sheriff’s payroll looks like it was assembled by It’s no coincidence that there are duplicate names and spouses or children using different last names.

Jackie Rose was promoted to Jail Administrator and was not, by far, the most qualified for this job. Not only is she personally a nasty person, but she has the manners and grace of a chimpanzee.

There were other deputies who served longer and had exceptional credentials, but Jackie Rose was the niece of now Chardon Police Chief Scott Neihaus’s wife, and so she was promoted. Niehus worked for the Sheriff at the time she was promoted.

Disgraced former Auditor Frank Gliha’s wife and daughter work for the Department of Aging and they are doing quite well financially.  

Jessica Boalt was hired with no experience or background. She has degrees in Music Therapy, which does not seem to lend itself to being hired as the Director of the Department on Aging. Except — she used to give lessons to the family of former County Administrator, David Lair. How is that for a “Family and Friends Hire?”

Jessica Boalt has been crafty about awarding bonuses or raises, she has learned that if she and Human Resources “rewrite” a job description, they can give salary increases without calling attention to the fact that the huge raises are going to the “Geauga Family & Friends” network!  Boalt is spending money like a drunken pirate.

Jessica Boalt’s husband works for the county as well, wonder how he got the job!  Did they perform a background check on Boalt’s husband?

Judge Terri Stupica strong-armed a local Police Chief to hire her son, even though he came to the job as a rookie. There were other police officers with years of experience who were overlooked because of Terri Stupica’s interference. My neighbor applied and he is highly experienced and credentialed. They did not hire him, but they hired Stupica’s son’s and her son’s best friend. 

The most telling example of the nepotism in this county came from a complete stranger. During the county embezzlement investigation, Prosecutor Flaiz’s investigator Richard Warner was interviewing Tim Jackson, an employee of ITERSource who was doing subcontract work in Chardon for the late Steven Decatur.

At the end of the interview, Jackson was asked if he had any odd or suspicious dealings with Decatur. Jackson responded: “Not with Steve but I haven’t worked with government before; it seems as though, and this is purely candid, that there are a lot of people here with the same last name. There are a lot of them and something just felt weird in general. It sounds like if you don’t have the right last name you’re not protected.”

Richard Warner then jumped in with: “Yah, I’m the only county employee, I think, that doesn’t have a relative that also works for the county.”

Do you know someone who was hired in Geauga County because of family ties, connections or as a favor?  Please, feel free to post, NAME NAMES!

17 thoughts on “Geauga County Rat’s Nest: A Hotbed of Nepotism…

  1. Did Commissioner Tim Lennon help a family member get hired with Geauga County?

  2. You do not have enough space to list all of the inbred connections in Geauga County!

  3. Ain’t that the truth! People can change that….we can change that!! It just takes people to get off their derrière and get active. This will continue and get worse if we stay complacent and do nothing. These sucklings of our system, in their distorted minds, think we are subservient to them, having forgotten THEY WORK FOR US!!!

  4. Can you be more specific? Who should leave the names and who will make the connections to be published. I think it’s a great idea!

  5. Gerald Farrow is related to the Simmons family and to Tracey Jemmison’s family. He and his wife were given the privilege of retiring in 2013 when PERS changed rules. Other deputies were denied the same privilege, of course, they were not family and friends of Dan and Scott. One of the deputies said that when he asked to be considered for retire/rehire, Dan McClelland threw a hissy fit, right in front of him, acted crazy.

    Farrow is doing nothing, nothing and getting paid a huge salary. He is part of the RAt’s nest.

  6. I’m not sure if Sara is related to Tim Lennon, she works for the county as well.

  7. Another one for the sheriffs dept is brian “Bj” Johnston. He used his union position to force McMullend to promote him to a Seargent where he made $94,000

  8. Ashley Hiscox, the daughter of guess who, is the “Director of Fraud” at the Geauga Jobs and Family Services. At my trial in Sept 2016 she testified that she only had one semester of Accounting at Lakeland Jr College and when asked, she couldn’t even tell the difference between the State-mandated definition of non-reportable “Loans” and “Income”… to her, Loans = In-Come.

  9. She is the daughter of waste of taxpayer money Deputy John Hiscox. She is another waste of taxpayer money. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  10. Dear Mr. 63 year old Geauga Resident;

    Once again, the internet and pages such as these provide a forum for the storm troopers of ignorance to spread rumor, innuendo and general inaccuracies to those who subscribe to your narrow views. Your tirade over alleged impropriety and nepotism in Geauga County is only matched by your inability to demonstrate any facts to back up your claims. Along with the inability to put a name to your vent, if you think enough to publish it, you should own it.

    Kathy Rose is the Jail Administrator for the Sheriff’s Office and your insulting description of her would only indicate that you must have been a client of hers in the Jail. Your statement that she only got where she is knowing someone, would run counter to her being awarded a national designation of Jail Administrator of the year. Additionally, your misspelling of Chief Niehus’s name again supports your inability to get the smallest of facts correct in your posting. It can only be assumed that your rant is based on third party information and rumors, while facts and logic were not a part of your probe.

    Having read and found many inaccuracies in your post, your complaints about several other people and you’re finger pointing of their alleged misdeeds and nepotism reminds me of the quote from the great philosopher “Forest Gump.” “Stupid is as stupid does.”

  11. Mr Murphy, I can assure you my allegations against the Prosecutorial Team of Geauga County (Flaiz, Burling, Sweet and Burt) are accurate and documentary evidence thereof are provided on my blog at I will not let go of these liars.

  12. Nothing is more vulgar and insulting than watching a job go to an incompetent and AGGRESSIVE person like her. She was not worthy of this position, other than she was a relative.

    And these posts can’t be too beneath you……, you keep reading. Thanks for the support.

  13. The taxpayers of Geauga County are sick and tired of the dirty deals, nepotism, rising taxes and people like Hildenbrand, Hitchcock and Flaiz doing whatever benefits them, at the expense of residents.

  14. Kathy Rose would. never have been promoted if not for her family connection. She is not respected at the center and when new leadership comes on board, we will see the tide turn.

  15. TO: murphy

    Hey Hypocrite… don’t live up to your own words, “Along with the inability to put a name to your vent, if you think enough to publish it, you should own it”. If your’e going to say that then post your full name! Your’e not owning up!! Also hypocrite, your comment, “a forum for the storm troopers of ignorance to spread rumor, innuendo and general inaccuracies” is also hypocritical as it seems you are participating on this blog.

    There is so much nepotism and impropriety in Geauga it’s enough to choke a horse! Just to name one thing…..if anyone did a little research on who has county jobs and who they are related to or good friends with it would be clearly obvious.

    Just the fact that you are trying to whitewash this makes it clear you are part of the nepotism and the “good old boys club”.

    You are right about ONE thing….“Stupid is as stupid does” and that is a perfect fit for you!

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