Geauga Auditor Walder is doing a great job!

By: Property taxes are too high!

I think that we should really celebrate that we finally have an outstanding Auditor!

Chuck Walder and his staff are holding to a higher standard and he seems to be looking out for the little guy.  That’s refreshing because the rest of the public officials seem to be in a big money grab and stab of the residents.

Walder’s staff are super nice, highly professional and kind when you call them.  I want to give a shout out to Ron Leyde, Jared R. Spring and Kate Jacob.  These employees are earning their salary and serving the community well. And a big thank you to the staff who answer the phones, they are kind, courteous and knowledgeable.

I think finally, we have a decent and honest politician in Chuck Walder.  Keep up the good work.

5 thoughts on “Geauga Auditor Walder is doing a great job!

  1. I like Mr. Walder and his team as well. However, I was very disappointed to hear that he had his wife appointed to his old position. And rumor has it that he is doing his former job, helping his wife out, after his work day as the Auditor. If his wife cannot perform the job, how did she get appointed?

    That’s kind of greedy Mr. Walder.

  2. Where his wife works is irrelevant. He works for the county. His staff does a tremendous job. Any organization is only as good as the person at the top, which speaks volumes for Mr. Walder. I am confident that there will be no embarrassment to the county under his watch. Now if we could just get rid of some of the others who make decisions about our lives.

  3. It matters to me also. Nepotism and cronyism cannot be tolerated in government ANYWHERE! Sooner or later ugly problems arise from it and It’s irrelevant how good of a job the department head does. Open you eyes people!

  4. I just read where he is trying to get the homestead benefit increased to lower the taxes for low income seniors. Thank you, Mr. Walder.

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