Geauga Sheriff Hildenbrand’s daughter, no fan of his!

By: Disgusted Neighbor

I never trusted Scott and was glad that my daughter did not spend time with his family.  They were highly inappropriate with their unsupervised partying, etc. (Many photos were posted and shared.)

This photo was posted and widely shared by Maddie Apple Hildenbrand, with classmates, etc. Apparently, she was very proud of herself.

That “Apple” did not fall far from the tree…

49 thoughts on “Geauga Sheriff Hildenbrand’s daughter, no fan of his!

  1. Ya all think about this. It looks like little Apple Dumpling shamelessly posted this for the whole world to see and thought it was very funny. Obviously she wasn’t brought up to have any respect for law enforcement or her father the Sheriff. I would think Sheriff Hildenbrand has to be very embarrassed by this. When you are in the public eye of trust, holding a position of authority and your kid shows this kind of disrespect towards you and your position publicly with total disregard, it’s a real problem and I’m sure deeper than we know for both of them.

  2. Dirty politics at it finest. Whoever posted this should be ashamed of themselves for bringing someone child/children into a the picture. Sheriff Hildenbrand has gone above and beyond for this county, making it a great place for us to live. He has continuously made improvements to provide a safe county, enforce structure to our police force, and offer a helping hand to any and all residents of geauga county.
    Problem number two with this post, “This photo was posted and widely shared by Maddie Apple Hildenbrand, with classmates, etc.”. As pictured in the photo above, apparently widely shared is 2 “likes” and 19 comments. Also, how long ago was this picture even posted? I just visited Madeline Apple’s facebook page and she looks a lot older and more mature in her profile picture.
    To everyone on this page, has your child done something that you do not entirely agree with? I am sure they have. Don’t fall for a dirty politic scheme and let a single photo speak for how the Sheriff has kept and continues to keep our community a safe place.

  3. Really sad and disgusting that you drag the children into politics. When you have nothing else to campaign on or vaild complaints other than smears of the children it says a lot. I’m sure you are all perfect. Lol.

  4. How do you think your dirty politics make the family feel …noone gets to chose there life yet you (so called adults) bash and shame the family …truly sad leave the families out of your political views has nothing to do with how the geauga county sheriff’s department is ran ..I’m sure your families are perfect …super low but not surprised at all .

  5. This post must be removed immediately. It does not follow the guidelines as to what this sites use is intended for as the rules clearly state:
    *Be truthful and state facts in everything you write and opine.
    *No bullying, threats, sexual or harmful content allowed.
    *We do not publish anything harmful to children, any mention of them by name or any other personal demographical information.
    The original poster should be ashamed of themselves!

  6. There is no “dirtier” politics than what has been perpetrated on this county by Hambden Township Fire Chief Hildenbrand. He’s an asshole.

    Scott has gone above and beyond to line his pockets. Then again, is he supporting failed dependents?

    Scott was in charge of the D.A.R.E. program, apparently he failed his own children on that account as well.

  7. Lifelong resident? More like a lifelong public service trough feeder. How much are you making working for the Sheriff?

    The “Sheriff” has my neighbor on the payroll, he is 74 and works in the “motor pool”, Gerald Farrow.

    CHARDON, OHIO – Gerald R. Farrow has been promoted to the recently created position of fleet manager for the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office in Chardon, Ohio. Prior to his promotion, Farrow was working as a special services deputy assigned exclusively to fleet services. He served in that capacity for nine years. The fleet services department provides in-house maintenance for 80 Sheriff’s vehicles, and 55 vehicles for other departments and agencies. John H. Croop has been hired by the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office as mechanic/assistant fleet manager. Croop comes to the Sheriff’s Office from the Ravenna, Ohio City Police Department where he was a patrolman for 21 years and was assigned the additional detail as fleet manager for 10 of those years.

    Sheriff employees posting on this site are making between $90,000 and $100,000 a year, DOING NOTHING.

    Gerald Farrow has family connections to the department, he certainly wasn’t hired for his work ethic or credibility.

  8. Sounds like you are a bully. Why don’t you tell the Geauga Maple Leaf to stop posting on their blogs, they are worse than anything I have seen.

    You should be ashamed of yourself, probably dating this girl.

  9. Someone should take her computer/cell phone/iPad away from her because she is publicly posting pictures of herself in a hot tub, drinking, group shots giving the finger, etc.

  10. Does this make you feel better about yourself??? Like how old are you? Don’t you work? Sad that you literally have nothing better to do then talk shit about someone you Dont even know anything about other then what she posted year’s ago. Why not talk about what she’s doing with her life now? Do any of you even know this poor girl? You all should be ashamed!!

    Oh ya sorry i forgot you’re all perfect angels lol

  11. Sorry to disappoint I don’t work for the sheriff. That’s awesome that Mr. Farrow is working and staying active. It’s also great that they have an in house team that takes care of the equipment and cars. Sorry your life is so miserable that this angers you so much that a 74 yo man is working. Here’s a suggestions put the hot pocket mom gave you down, get out of the basement, step away from the computer and do something with your life.

  12. The horror!!! A hot tub picture. How dare she! Hey here’s an idea give me your name and let me do some digging on you and your family? Obviously your perfect and I will find nothing you have done wrong or your family.

  13. Same people bashing this girl are the same people that complain when their child is bullied, or a child commits suicide due to bullying they received then they want the schools to do something. Sad that you dragged an innocent girl into this just to bash the sheriff. Also very telling that this site allows the post to stay up.

  14. If she is old enough to have a cell phone, and post all of her odd and vulgar postings, then she is old enough and responsible for her behavior. Take away her cell phone.

  15. You absolutely work for the Sheriff! Liar!

    You sound pretty miserable yourself, but you were born that way.

  16. You are the bully! Shame on you for bullying posters.

    Stay on his payroll, you are doing a good job covering up for him!

  17. More to the point, this individual has posted some racist postings and widely shared them. I think the photos where she is making vulgar hand signals pales in comparison to the racist posts.

  18. Responce to: To the Author of this Post- You should be Ashamed of Yourself

    PROBLEM NUMBER ONE: YOU. You are apparently a close friend or family member of Sheriff Hildenbrand, very biased, and I totally understand and respect how you are driven to come to his aid as a good friend would, but I think you need to take your rose colored glasses off and view this objectively and not emotionally.

    Sheriff Hildenbrand might be a nice guy (I’ve never met him) but that doesn’t mean he is a good Sheriff and in my opinion he is not. I don’t know what you mean by “he has continuously made improvements to provide a safe county” or “enforce structure to our police force”. You state no facts backing that up. I don’t believe that’s true. The opiate problem is getting worse, just to name one thing, and the Sheriffs department is not run well at all!! Hildenbrand is hardly there, he is not keeping this a safe place. The only improvements he has made is to himself financially. He is a double dipper retire/rehire and is Hambden Fire Chief and Geauga Sheriff all at the same time. He is collecting TWO paychecks, spread out too thin and not giving the people of this county what they deserve. It’s all about the money! This isn’t Mayberry where you can wear two or three hats at the same time.

    PROBLEM NUMBER TWO: I don’t agree that the person who posted this should be ashamed. It is Maddie Apple Hildenbrand who should by ashamed. She is the one who posted this for all the public to see on Facebook. Very disrespectful. Because it was posted publicly by her, is it wrong for someone to repost it somewhere else? The answer is NO, she is the one who put it out there. Once it was posted publicly it instantly became fair game. Things have a way of coming back to bite you in the ass.

    When President Busch’s or President Obama’s daughters were caught drinking and partying wildly is was all over the news media yet you rail against this post. Does the Hildenbrand family think they are above the Presidents and be treated more specially? I think not. When you are a public office holder, especially Sheriff, you and your family should be held to a HIGHER STANDARD than an ordinary person, because you are holding power over other people and should set an example. You are subject to criticism by the public and should be.

    So if you are angry about this your anger is misdirected. Go find someone else’s shoulder to cry on.

  19. *We do not publish anything harmful to children…”

    She is hardly a child. She grown up enough to be a jerk and disrespect her father’s job and then post it for everyone to see on her Facebook page. You apparently didn’t see the picture she posted making fun of blacks.

  20. I’m disgusted with the hatred and disrespect shown for our law enforcement community. And for a family member to do this, it just makes it worse.

    I’m proud of our law enforcement, military and first responder community. God bless you and thank you for your service.

  21. I agree with you, God Bless our First Responders and Military Members.

    It’s frightening that anyone would support or excuse the disrespect of our law enforcement community.

  22. I have read all of these comments and I agree with what “Chef 4u” had to say but I also have a different take on this that a lot of you might be missing. I don’t view this post as an attack on Sheriff Hildenbrands daughter and I’m guessing the author didn’t mean it that way either as that would be senseless. I take it as a reflection of an attitude of that whole family including Sheriff Hildenbrand. I think she is showing arrogance and disrespect to the whole community. By giving the finger in front of the Sheriff’s car, I think she is saying…..ha, I can do or say what I want cuz my father’s the Sheriff and who is going to do anything about it? It’s a rebellious, disrespectful, arrogant display to the whole community and also her family. Obviously her postings of this and racist posts on facebook didn’t bother Sheriff Hidenbrand too much because they had been up there for quite awhile. This is a reflection of Sheriff Hildenbrand. If I were in the political fishbowl and I had a child doing that I would immediately close their Facebook account down and they would experience other repercussions. The integrity of a county can only be shown thru the integrity of its elected leaders and in this case that is lacking. This is not a good reflection of our County. All of you who are defending the Hildenbrand family are a bad reflection also.

  23. The real dirty politics is when the deputy who reported marijuana abuse would not back down and was abused as an employee after that report was made…, now that’s dirty politics.

  24. How do you think the family of the deputy who made a report about marijuana abuse felt after he lost his job? How does his family feel, when he was punished for doing his job.

  25. Listen, this is the Hildenbrand’s Christmas card. What’s all the commotion about?

  26. Look, no doubt that the Hildenbrand fam has issues like all families do, there is no reason to bash the kids. I feel especially bad for them. They need serious mental health help. They never had a real family life BUT this has nothing to do with who they truly are. I hope and wish the best for them all.

  27. Maddie Apple is an adult who has had that post up for years, along with one ridiculing black people. Her father, the Sheriff, could not have been totally ignorant of what his children are doing (although there is a rumor that his son was selling drugs). If he didn’t think her posting was inappropriate or he can’t handle his own children, then she and he are fair game. We need a sheriff who can run the community, not one who can’t even raise his own children properly.

  28. As I read the recent statements, I am saddened to see what our society has become. When did it become okay to disrespect one another like this? I do not know Mr. Hildenbrand or any member of his family but I do know, if you do not like his values or his ability to do his job, DON’T VOTE FOR HIM. Campaign for the other candidate. Several years ago, I would have loved to have gotten into politics but my child was not perfect. I didn’t choose this career path for this particular reason. I knew people would target him and I loved too much to let this happen. I learned you CANNOT force another person to do what you believe is right, and believe me, I tried. (He did turn out well!) But please, can we not be a little kinder and gentler. Life is not easy. Everyone has rough spots and things they are not proud of. Try to remember as we enter this 2020 election season

  29. This isn’t a good look but there may be more than everyone knows about it. Sheriff Hildenbrand is a good man.

  30. Okay, I’m obviously VERY late to the party here, but I couldn’t just see this and not say something.

    I don’t see a problem with this photo. I see a kid doing normal kid stuff. She’s just exercising her right to free speech, just like all of you. Don’t hold her to higher standards than you would any other kid just because her dad’s the sheriff (and yes, I know that she’s an adult now, but she was most definitely a kid when she posted this, and her actions should be judged suchly). This is so innocent in comparison to the things I’ve seen other kids post.

    Clearly, NONE of you have met Maddie Hildenbrand. She is, undoubtedly, one of the nicest, most caring people I have ever met. If you knew her at all, you wouldn’t have a single bad thing to say about her. Maddie is a lovely person; a total sweetheart. And actually, it’s a shame that you DON’T know her, because all of you Negative Nancys could clearly use a little more kindness and positivity in your lives. You’d be LUCKY to know her.

    Why would you post this here? What point did you think you were making? Was this supposed to convince people not to vote for Scott Hildenbrand? How, exactly? What’s your actual beef with him? You never stated it in your post. This post is, at best, a red herring and an ad hominem attack on Sheriff Hildenbrand, and, at worst, bullying and publicly shaming a child whom you’ve never even met. Leave Maddie out of this. Your issue (though I haven’t the foggiest what said issue IS) is with her dad, not with her.

  31. First of all yall need to stop I know her personally bc shes my family and she has grown up she is very mature now she has a job going to college making adult choices. So all of you are telling me that bc shes was young she should be ashamed yea it may be disrespectful and guess what she was punished for her mistakes its not like her family let her get away with her mistakes. You all are saying that you’ve never done something bad before we all have were human so get off your high horses.

  32. Omg do you even know her ive known her for 13 years she was there when I was born she was a kid back then I know her she is so mature now she works hard and gets her job done while going to college. So your saying when you were a kid you never did anything like that?

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