Frank Gliha, Disgraced Former Auditor, Wants His Record Sealed

By: Sickened by Greedy Lawyers

On November 15, 2019, thieving former auditor Frank Gliha’s attorney, Todd Petersen, filed an application to seal Gliha’s court records. Gliha cost the county $2.4 million in missing money.

Petersen is part-owner of Legend Lakes golf course and with business being slow now, he must be trying to hustle some extra money by writing a seven-page document that will cost someone a lot of money.

All documented citations in the Petersen’s application aside, the thrust of it is: “Mr. Gliha is not asking that his (misdemeanor) convictions be pardoned or commuted, he is only asking that they be shielded, to the extent permitted by law, from public view.”

The public should be protected from ever having to look at Gliha again. 

Gliha admitted his guilt that as auditor he signed invoices that exceeded his authority. Gliha could not approve payments of more than $50,000. As an example of his deviousness, on Jan. 3, 2017,  Gliha and Decatur split one bill in two parts and on that day, Gliha signed off on one invoice for Decatur for $24,000 and another for $34,500. Slick, huh?

He betrayed the trust of everyone in the county and Prosecutor James Flaiz saw fit to charge him only with misdemeanors. Did I mention that Flaiz and Gliha were friends? Flaiz’s friends get special treatment. Gliha committed felonies and so did Flaiz by letting him get away without charging him.

For helping his employee Stephen Decatur steal millions, Gliha got five misdemeanors, a $1,000 fine, his 90 days in jail suspended and he can’t run for office for four years.

Proving what an amateur he is, Flaiz charged Decatur and his daughter, who was in on the embezzlement, with 334 felonies. (In comparison, Jimmy Dimora, who was sent to jail for twenty-eight years, was charged with 37 felonies.)

Decatur, apparently a thief and a coward, committed suicide before he could be sentenced, leaving his daughter, Stephanie Stewart, to deal with the mess.

However, Steward had an attorney, Kim Corral, who was far more capable than Flaiz. Steward had 333 felonies dismissed, got probation and is not expected to pay back the $480,000 she scored.

Flaiz needs to take a refresher course in: “How to Be a Prosecutor.”

Now Flaiz’s buddy, attorney Bryan Kostura, who has made a lot of money off the county, has filed on behalf of Flaiz’s office to request a continuance. Kostura claims he was never served with Petersen’s application and needs time to prepare the State’s objections. Objections to sealing Gliha’s court records?

Ah. The Bromance must be over between Flaiz and Gliha.


Let’s see what Judge David Ondrey does with this. He refused to seal the record of Jodi Almsted who had stolen from the county: “… because she was a public official at the time of her offense.”

One thought on “Frank Gliha, Disgraced Former Auditor, Wants His Record Sealed

  1. Gliha is not the one who needs protection. We need to be protected from criminals and the vermin who protect them. If this record is sealed, residents of Geauga County should come together and stand up against Gliha, Flaiz, Petersen and the other members of the good ole boys network, who have been scamming Geauga County for decades.

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