Don’t Listen to RINO Ohio Governor Mike DeWine Or His Health Dept.

Rino DeWine Nor His Health Department Has Any Legal Authority To Lock You Down Or Penalize You.

BY: Rory

I recently saw DaWine on national TV being interviewed about impeachment proceedings being mounted against him by some Ohio legislators concerning his UNCONSTITUTIONAL MANDATES. When questioned about it he tried to play it down by saying it was just a small number of people. I don’t think so Mikey! Everyone I talk to are very upset with your whimsical mandates. He also responded with an emotional statement; that he wished these people could come with him to visit and talk to the people on the front line to see what he has seen. NOTHING WAS EVER MENTIONED ABOUT THE CONSTITUTION AND PEOPLES RIGHTS NOT TO MENTION BYPASSING THE OHIO LEGISLATURE! He never addressed these issues that led to the impeachment proceedings. It was all emotional.

DeWines and his Health Departments actions are dictatorial and unconstitutional. Only the Ohio Legislature has the authority to pass “real” laws. WHY BOTHER HAVING A CONSTITUTION, LEGISLATURE, OR LAWS if an idiot Governor like DeWine can impose “mandates” based on his whims whenever he wants. I hope the impeachment is successful! Get rid of this dictator!

And you people who so willingly go along with a usurper of your rights without question or resistance are just as big a part of the problem as DeWine!! YOU DON’T DESERVE FREEDOM…..YOU ARE SHEEP!!

There are court cases that have already been won in Ohio against DeWine and the health department concerning masks and lockdowns. The information, provided by The 1851 Center For Constitutional Law in Columbus, Ohio, concerning your rights, is in the link below.

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