Hildenbrand: Hambden Township Fire Chief; Failed Sheriff

By: Mark A. Weltingham

Geauga County residents suffered greatly under the failed leadership of former Sheriff Dan McClelland and now it’s even worse under his hand picked predecessor and personal friend, Scott Hildenbrand.

Hambden Township Fire Chief Scott Hildenbrand was also handpicked by Dan McClelland, for retire rehire in 2013, an offer that excluded other deputies who served under Hildenbrand and financially benefited McClelland’s small circle of family and friends.

True leaders look out for the men and women who serve under them.   Scott Hildenbrand took care of himself. 

Hildenbrand continues to receive his comfortable pension, Hambden Township Fire Chief pay and full salary from the Geauga County Sheriff’s office, and all with no documented work schedule or accounting of his time or work hours.

Hildenbrand has publicly stated that is he on call 24/7 as the Sheriff. He can’t be “too much” on duty if he is working the same 24/7 for Hambden Township.

Crime in Geauga County has escalated.  The opiod crisis that began to escalate under McClelland continues to be a destructive and life-threatening issue under failed Hildenbrand.

Geauga County needs a full-time, law enforcement trained Sheriff, our lives depend on it!

But now the voters have a choice to stop the scam of Hildenbrand’s double salaries. Jimmy Lee Holden is running against Hildenbrand in the Republican Sheriff’s primary in March.

Holden has forty-three years of law enforcement experience and is not part of the Geauga County “Good Old Boy’s” network. He is not beholden to anyone. It’s time to stop the circle of cronyism in the county.

The Sheriff’s Department has 170 employees with a salary budget of $11 million a year. Hildenbrand hired thirty more people after he took over four years ago. Many of the deputies are not even commissioned, which means they can’t arrest anyone and can’t even turn the lights on in the cars. Why are we paying exorbitant salaries to people who do nothing but drive prisoners around?

Vote for Jimmy Lee Holden in the primary. As President Trump says: “What have you got to lose?”

13 thoughts on “Hildenbrand: Hambden Township Fire Chief; Failed Sheriff

  1. Hildenbrand is trying to uphold weight/physical fitness standards. Unfortunately for him and Hiscox, they fail to meet any standard, they are dreadfully over weight and out of shape.

  2. Hiscox, Hildenbrand’s right-hand man, has never been commissioned as a law enforcement officer, according to OPATA.

  3. We have had a series of robberies, theft and vandalism on our street since this guy was promoted to office. He is not a terrible person, but truly is a lousy sheriff. I feel sorry for the deputies serving under him.

  4. Didn’t Hiscox threaten to punch a woman who worked under his supervision in the file/record room? I think she works for Lake County now. Not one of those administrative Deputy Sheriff’s protected her. They got rid of her.

    Hiscox is an insurance salesman. He was buddies with Dirty Dan McClelland and that’s how he got the job. He spends most of his time driving a tactical vehicle to breakfast and lunch.

  5. Oh my God, Hiscox makes $91,000 and he has never been commissioned as a law enforcement officer!

  6. An unedited, uncensored and nonpartisan place where any uneducated and poorly informed citizen can state their petty judgements. Anyone can be a journalist, even those who believe that the internet and their neighbors word is a viable “source”. Quit using slander as a means to promote change.

  7. Hiscox is also retired/rehired. He is making all this money, $91,000 salary and his pension.

    You must consider yourself very intelligent and informed and everyone else who blogs is uneducated and poorly informed. In bet you also watch and read ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, New York Times, etc., and actually believe them. FAKE NEWS!!!! Also “intelligent one”, I guess now you are also a legal expert too! I have read thru most of the blogs on this site and find nothing “slanderous”. Go look up the legal definition of “slander” you uneducated and poorly informed citizen.

  9. Scott has no idea how much he is resented by his own department. When he was appointed to Sheriff, they all thought he would have the decency to resign and allow someone else to step up and fill the Chief’s position. He has no idea the underpinning of resentment that is geared towards him. People are nice to him, but when he leaves, you hear the real deal.

    There is no person in Geauga County who is more greedy and self-serving, than Scott Hildenbrand.

  10. I’m concerned about what some of these articles say, I’m doing my due diligence and trying to educate myself on this candidates for Sheriff. As I read this articles, it cites that the opioid crisis has increased in this county, could you tell me where I can find those statistics? That is of much concern to me. And also, I’m concerned that you say there are deputies that are working that cannot arrest people, how does that happen? These deputies are working on our streets? I’d like to make sure that what I’m reading is fact based and can be cited, as opposed to just believing what I read. Thank you.

  11. Overdoses fluctuate from year to year, I did some research and one of the first prosecutions of a drug dealer was from the Geauga county sheriffs office on 2 girls that overdosed and died in Auburn Twp. The drug dealer got sent to prison

  12. Jimmie Lee always ran in the fitness test for the department with the rest of the department members, and did very well. In other words he lead by example, no matter what his rank was. .

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