Geauga County Treasurer Hitchcock Broke the Law and Kept His Job

By: Enough is Enough

Channel 19 NEWS April 19, 2006

CHARDON, Ohio – “A deputy county treasurer in northeast Ohio has been charged with stealing $2,300 from Geauga County.

“In an unusual move, the indicted woman’s boss reimbursed the county for the missing money. Authorities say that Geauga County Treasurer Christopher Hitchcock put up his own money at least three times in 2004 when audits found money missing.

“The treasurer admits he could have informed the prosecutor sooner. He believed that the shortages were the result of mistakes or accounting problems. (Liar.)

“On Tuesday, former Deputy Treasurer Jodi Almstead was charged with theft in office. She could get 18 months in jail.”

She got 60 days of home confinement, three (3) years probation and some small fines. There was no restitution demanded because Hitchcock had paid it. Kind of makes you go hmmmmm. 

In an Order before her sentencing it says: “The defendant is permitted to leave the State of Ohio and travel to Las Vegas to care for an elderly relation, but is prohibited from entering any casinos during her trip.”  

In 2019 Judge David Ondrey denied her effort to seal her record because she was “a public official at the time of the offense.”

Hitchcock received no punishment, even though he violated Section 7, Article XV of the Ohio Constitution. He should have been fired immediately when it was found that he broke his oath of office by not revealing the crime in 2004.  

But the Good Old Boys’ Club (GOBC) has always prevailed in the past. Former Auditor Frank Gliha should have been sent to jail for admitting to approving payment of phony bills that contributed to the embezzlement of $1.8 million from the county. Unlike Almstead who was charged with a felony for taking $2,300, Gliha was charged with misdemeanors. Gliha didn’t have any home confinement, had to pay $1,200 and can’t run for office for four years.

Prosecutor James Flaiz should have been charged for abetting the embezzlement when he had been warned for three years that it is was occurring and did not act on it because there would be “political implications.”

Why doesn’t Judge Ondrey go after felony charges on Gliha and malfeasance on Flaiz? They were both “public officials at the time of the offense.”

But the GOBC is going to end. The voters are now paying attention to everything, including every penny spent and where the money is going. Enough is enough.

4 thoughts on “Geauga County Treasurer Hitchcock Broke the Law and Kept His Job

  1. Let’s hope that Judge Ondrey does the right thing. He seems to be a stand up guy.

    What was Hitchcock thinking when he replaced the stolen money? Who does this? And more to the point, why was he trying to cover for this woman???????

    Almstead was charged with a felony for taking $2,200 and Gliha was charged with misdemeanors for contributing to the embezzlement of $1.8 million dollars? My God, what the hell is wrong with this picture???? PLENTY IS WRONG.

  2. Geauga County Talks is a gem. I am learning all the things that the politicians try to hide from us.

    “Who does this?” Someone who is protecting, say, a girlfriend?

  3. Does anyone know if he was dating this woman? Sounds like it to me however, I qualify the word “dating” with a huge tongue in cheek.

  4. Lets be frank, ok? It sounds to me like Jodi Almstead was Hitchcocks sex buddy. Even so, I’ve never heard of the head of a government office paying back the theft of an underling. The SWAMP in Geauga is thriving. We cannot tolerate scum like this in our government anymore!

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