West Geauga School Levy Coming in 2020!

By: Chardon Resident

West Geauga School taxpayers better wake up and smell the cappuccino!  The staff at West G are speaking about the “new buildings” and “our new campus” because they think it’s a done deal!

The scuttle is that some of the mambypamby parents who BLINDLY supported the merge with Newbury Schools are not so happy….

Newbury Schools came into the merge with an “F” grade rating, it appears to have been elevated to a “D” rating.  However, West Geauga does not want to take another dip in the ratings game, (remember, they went from an “A” to a “B” rating this year…) so they are doing a major student shift in order to homogenize the “gifted” students with the “challenged” students.

It’s happening…, elementary student parents have been complaining that their children will be bused to new locations and this will increase their daily ride time to 45 minutes!

West Geauga parents and all taxpayers better wake up, this Hanlon person is doing whatever he wants with no regard for residents.

Get ready for the levy of a lifetime.  West Geauga schools will be asking for a huge levy/bond request for 2020.

30 thoughts on “West Geauga School Levy Coming in 2020!

  1. Before they get too confident, they should look at the election results for the Chardon school levy. It got crushed 55% to 45%. I suspect that West G school taxpayers are as smart as the Chardon ones are.

  2. Grade Leveling at West G, it’s a done deal! They said they would have focus groups and allow for input, NOT! Too late parents! Now you have no choice, no voice.
    See the Superintendents’ letter below!

    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    Last night, the West Geauga Board of Education passed a resolution to make Westwood Elementary School a K-2 (primary grades) building and Lindsey Elementary School a 3-5 (intermediate grades) building beginning with the 2020-2021 school year. This change is being undertaken to promote educational equity, strengthen and expand curricular offerings, concentrate age-appropriate materials and resources, and encourage staff collaboration.

    The Board passed the reconfiguration resolution 4-0. The board member who was absent, and thus unable to vote, submitted a written statement in which he voiced his support for the resolution.

    For the duration of the current school year, the West G administration will be forming committees and reporting monthly to the Board its progress in implementing the opportunities and addressing the concerns and challenges that accompany this change to a new model. It will need the support and expertise of staff, parents, and community members to do so.

    As of today, I plan to assign administrative personnel to recruit members to serve on three committees. One will address the curricular, programming, and staffing issues that the reconfiguration will affect. A second will deal with transportation routes and building schedules, facility-related issues, operational topics, and the logistics of the move. The third will focus on transitional activities for students, preserving old traditions and starting new ones, get-acquainted opportunities, school site visits, engaging school support organizations, and creating a West G school culture.

    The timing of the reconfiguration fits nicely with the inclusion of Newbury Township into the West Geauga School District. However, although the addition of Newbury is a contributing factor, the inclusion of Newbury is not the sole reason for the change.

    I know that some oppose the elementary reconfiguration. I also know that others support it. Change is never easy. I want to assure all of you that we will do our best to address the concerns voiced in parent meetings that were held in recent weeks. It is our desire to capture the good qualities of our existing elementary programs as we build even better ones. We look forward to working with you to accomplish that goal.


    Rich Markwardt, Ph.D.

  3. WG has a committee exploring the issue of consolidating and constructing a new school campus. This committee has been in existence for at least a couple of years and they made a presentation last summer of their progress. Currently, there has been some talk of renovating existing buildings instead of building new. The WG board is not even close to finalizing any plans – or even agreeing how, if or when to move forward on any construction plans. Hence, there are NO plans to put any levy on the 2020 ballot as claimed by the Chardon Resident. Lets deal with facts instead of rumors, gossip or deceptive statements. Don’t believe either one of us – call the WG superintendent or any school board member to find out the truth. The Newbury School consolidation makes total sense for WG residents since their district, like every school district in Geauga Co. – is quickly declining in enrollment. If WG looses too many students they will be forced to cut educational and extra-curricular offerings or ask for more money from the community.

  4. West G does not have the student population to sustain a school today. They are misrepresenting the number of students enrolled. If we didn’t have open enrollment in Chardon, and you all in West G, you would have to consolidate the high schools!

    West G staff was bragging about the new campus at our Board Meeting.

  5. There goes the threat!!!!!!!!!! Better support the West G administration or they will ask for more money. How about this threat…., we close the school and merge with Kenston?

    Close West G, it is no longer a local school, it’s more of a Cuyahoga, Portage, etc., school.

  6. I am comfortable in the knowledge there are many more intelligent and well informed people in the district who support WG and the great work they have accomplished in the past few years, than the dummies who comment on this hate mongering, radical right wing rag.

  7. Last year there were 1826 students in the district, not including the open enrolled kids. Next year they will add somewhere between 200 to maybe 300 Newbury kids. According to the state this is the optimal student population.

  8. Its no threat – its what happened to Ledgemont and Newbury. “its no longer a local school”. What?

  9. Every time there is a report of the “numbers”, they are differing….

    On any given day, you can ask for enrollment numbers and you get a different accounting. They are not being truthful.

    Also, I do not believe that West G is a local school anymore as well, too many open enrollment.

    West G lied about Kindergarten enrollment. We asked if there is open enrollment for Kindergarten and they reported that Kindergarten enrollment is not filled with open enrollees, and that’s a huge lie. People are coming from all over for the free day care, i.e., all day Kindergarten.

    We are not a local school, not anymore.

  10. The school is conducting “grade leveling” because they are worried about a drop in their overall rating. I think they will take a big dip!

    Geauga County only needs one high school, they should consolidate.

  11. Call the WG Superintendent or school board to find out the truth? HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HEE, HEE, HEE ,HEE!!!!

    You must be one of the hate mongering, radical right wing DUMMIES because YOU are commenting on this blog. I am also comfortable in the knowledge there are many more intelligent and well informed people in Geauga. They are the ones who defeated the Chardon school levy you Bozo! If WG tries a levy they will be defeated also!

    Also, I don’t know how you can call this blog a hate mongering, radical right wing rag. You must not have read or understood on the blog where it says this is UNEDITED, UNCENSORED, NON PARTISAN. The speech is not controlled by anyone. Everybody is welcome, lefty or righty. If that weren’t the case, I doubt your ignorant, liberal, lefty ass would be allowed on!!

  13. Not to worry, the school crammed grade leveling down the throats of residents, but the residents will have their say when they vote against ALL upcoming levies.

  14. The Board lied to all their supporters and had planned this grade-leveling way ahead of the vote. Shame on them. I can’t wait to vote against the next West G Levy.

  15. Grade leveling is so deceptive. I’m really fed up with all the deception and lies everywhere in government to push THEIR agendas on us. I will vote against ANY West G levies no matter what programs they always threaten to cut and no matter what BS reasons they give us for their needs. And listen up everybody….it’s NEVER “for the kids” as they always try to play on your emotions and shove that down your throats.

  16. Same crap they tried in Chardon. Over populate a building to show the “need” for new schools. It’s bullshit and mimics POS Hamlin and his legacy.

  17. To Rover: You are so right! – for at least the past 55+ years – telling students and parents how important it is for a levy to pass and of all the things that could get cut if it doesn’t. And stressing the deteriorated condition of school buildings (= maybe they just don’t know how to budget and use finances WISELY!) And I remember hearing (decades ago) after a levy did pass, that the school board members then gave themselves raises. (And it doesn’t seem right that seniors that have lived in the district for a long time and are on a fixed income have to pay increasingly astronomical amounts to continue living in their home.)

  18. They elect two leftist hell bent on merging Newbury with West Geauga then two new candidates say oh how so wonderful. Don’t worry it will lower taxes, I giggled and laughed at my fellow Newbury residents for approving the merge and then not challenging it. It’s this simple my fellow Newbury residents West Geauga is tea and crumpets compared to you. As being much more made up of liberals you will be dragged down roads you don’t want to go like higher taxes. They will make decisions on our property, they will swamp your votes on Election Day and hammer you with higher taxes. You will be guilted when trying to cut elsewhere. Only dumb voters surrender their sovereignty to outside districts they have absolutely no control over. We might as well rename Newbury to West Geauga now as our autonomy is now gone.

  19. So true remember when they preached housing values if you didn’t approve levies? Then the housing crisis hit and everyone found out it was a myth.

  20. You people are funny there is not enough votes in Newbury to help overrule the stupid liberals moving into West Geauga after they ditched Cleveland by their silly politics.

  21. The plain and simple truth. Newbury voters surrendered their autonomy. Newbury tax payers must do whatever the majority of West Geauga voters say they must do. We went from controlling our destiny to being a small insignificant minority on the losing side of levies. I hope Newbury residents get accustomed to paying an additional 200 a year on taxes. When I hear them complain in the next few years I will politely ignore their gripes.

  22. When you create boards and committees the intended purpose is to follow through on initial ideas. They are boards for expansion and construction. They are not boards for fiscal review and making necessary cuts and adjustments to live within constraints, most of the time they never are with these boards. This is the true problem, no matter if a school board member be it conservative or liberal they all come around to increased growth and spending

  23. TO: JB

    You are so right JB. It’s frightening how dumb a lot of voters are. It’s disgusting how so many are afraid to stand up and speak out. That’s why the swamp in Geauga is thriving because dumb voters keep voting them in and believing their BS.

  24. any hike WG puts on will not come close the the overcharging for a sub par school. Even if the add 600 annually I am still saving a boat load and get a quality education as well as a new facility. I’m sure no one will be griping. Go wolverines!

  25. As a former West G graduate who married a former Newbury graduate, we couldn’t be more delighted that the schools merged. We open enrolled our oldest son years ago, and our kindergartner last year at West G. Newbury School wasn’t an appropriate place for learning when my husband attended, and it has only gotten worse. The merger will give the kids of Newbury opportunities they never would have had. If it costs us more in taxes, it’s worth it. I’m sorry citizens without kids are unhappy with the plan, but the kids deserve better.

  26. You probably don’t pay taxes…, that’s why you are thrilled about the merge!

    Of course you are happy, thrilled…, you pawned off your 5 year old in FREE day care, West G Kindergarten.

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