Geauga County Commissioners: Dvorak, Lennon and Spidalieri are weak and worthless!

By: Chardon Resident

Geauga County Commissioners Jim Dvorak, Tim Lennon and Ralph Spidalieri are weak, self-serving and worthless representatives.

Jim Dvorak is a RINO and puppet for the crazed Nancy McCarthur.  Dvorak was the campaign chairman for Barrack Obama in Geauga County in 2012.  He rarely speaks at Commissioners meetings, but he drools a lot.

Tim Lennon is a spineless weasel.  He has no background or experience and just figured out if he can kiss enough ass in Geauga County, he will have a retirement and finally be able to provide healthcare for his family.  He is so busy kissing everyone’s ass and sucking up, that there is no chap stick big enough in the free world to heal his bruised lips.

Ralph Spidalieri, or Raphaelle as we know him, IS THE BIGGEST FAILURE in Commissioner history.  This flaming jackass has done NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Now our neighbors are being forced to install septic systems and the Jim, Tim and Raphaelle are wringing their hands and saying, “Well we can’t do anything…”  

Tim Lennon has no opposition, so we are stuck with this pussy for another four years.

Raphaelle has opposition, maybe we can vote him out.

And Dvorak, the Barry Obama supporter, is just sitting there, drooling.

And what are the commissioners doing?  Other than a lot of ass kissing, they are doing absolutely nothing. N-O-T-H-I-N-G!

Below, please see the article that was on one of the local stations about the homeowner septic crisis in Geauga.

CHARDON, Ohio — As a homeowner, getting an unexpected bill for over $20,000 dollars would be a bit jarring, but that’s what is happening to some homeowners in Chardon Township. 

The money is part of a central sewer system that’s being installed after the EPA ordered the county to due so.

“New roof, newer driveway,” explains Charles Dicillo, a Chardon Township resident, as he starts to list off all the projects he’s completed on his house since he bought it over 20 years ago.

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“The whole inside of the house is being torn apart and redone,” says Dicillo.

That equity he and his neighbors have been building, is all but gone now.

Dicillo says, “The township and the county are going to assess each resident a 28,000 dollar bill over 30 years.”

“If somebody wanted to sell their house right now, they can’t. With one fell swoop, they’ve erased all the equity in everyone’s home,” says Dicillo.

It all started about four years ago when a road crew found raw sewage coming out of a pipe and discovered a problem with some of the septic lines in the area. After several tests, the EPA found elevated e-coli levels and worked with the township to come up with a sewer plan for the neighborhood.

That money will be added into each affected resident’s property taxes. However, homeowners will also be responsible for paying to have their septic systems re-mediated and their houses connected to the new sewer line. Depending on how far away they live from the new line, could cost residents an extra 10,000 dollars.

Ralph Spidalieri, Geauga County Commissioner says, “You’ve got a lot of people that are doing the right thing. They’ve upgraded their septic and now they’re getting slapped in the face with this big amount, because of the fact that there’s a couple of deadbeats that have basically refused to do anything with their septic system.”

The Geauga County Commissioners met this week voting to move the EPA mandate forward. Although, some of them may not agree with what’s happening, they say their hands are tied.

Some residents though, are still fighting it. Dicillo has been taking on the appeal process, as basically a second job.

“I went door to door and out of 114 houses in our development, we got over 90 responses opposing this. Essentially, we’re being bullied into this,” says Dicillo.
Spidalieri says, “This is a major burden. My heart goes out to these people and I truly understand what they’re going through.”

The next step in the residents appeal process is probate court, but this issue isn’t happening just in Chardon Township. It’s effecting several communities around northeast Ohio, such as Olmsted Township and Avon. It’s an issue that really could eventually effect anyone living in an area with a septic systems.

13 thoughts on “Geauga County Commissioners: Dvorak, Lennon and Spidalieri are weak and worthless!

  1. Lennon is a failure in life, this is his only “real” job. He is a sell out. Watch this guy, he just glad hands and pans.

  2. Lennon’s trust fund money continues only as long as he has a job. He is just going through the motions of being the Commissioner. It’s better than actually working for a living.

  3. What trust fund? You really should educate yourself before you make ridiculous comments like this. If you know everything and think you can do a good job…pony up! Put your neck out there and run for commissioner. Or is it easier to hide behind your little comments on a blog that no one reads. Who’s the pussy now?

  4. Forbes magazine published an article in 2013 called “Meet Catherine Lozick: The Secretive Billionaire Heiress Outed by her Greedy Nephew.”

    The article was about Geauga Commissioner Tim Lennon’s aunt, Catherine Lozick being sued in Cuyahoga County Probate Court, Case No. 2002ADV68518. The money came from the Trust of Fred Lennon, Tim’s grandfather. Lozick’s brother, Fred Lennon, left his his sister billions from Swagelock. William Lennon, a grandson, wasn’t happy that his father, John only got $25 million. So he sued.

    To settle the case: “In May 2003, Lozick settled, agreeing to pay each of Fred Lennon’s grandchildren, William included, $1.25 million…plus each of his great grandchildren (including those yet to be born) got $15,000.

    Fred Lennon, a wise man, made it part of his trust that for his heirs to continue to get money from the trust, they had to be employed.

  5. Yes there was an article. But the last part you made up. No where in the article does it state they need to be employed to receive any money. And if you knew anything about Tim…he has a job other than commissioner. He’s had that job for more than 10 years. You obviously have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about and are drawing up assumptions based off an article you read. As I said before…why don’t you run for commissioner and see how easy the job is🙄

  6. Tim Lennon is a good man. He ran for commissioner to make a difference and be a role model for his children. That’s the honest truth. He works hard…he runs a company on top of being commissioner…where he’s only missed a handful of meetings. It’s not an easy job. And when he’s done with that he volunteers his time coaching 40 kids on a hockey team. For you to say these things about him shows that you have never met him and are a coward hiding behind your computer at home. If you have genuine concerns involving geauga county…I suggest you contact him and share your thoughts, you might be surprised.

  7. I didn’t say Lennon isn’t a good man. I said he and the other commissioners are giving away the store without asking obvious questions. Everyone lies to them when they are asking for money and the commissioners never challenge them. They are not doing their job.

    Do you actually know anyone who doesn’t want to be a good role model for their children? I don’t.

  8. No you just called him a spineless weasel and a pussy. I don’t need to read the article because I know things that you don’t. You make claims that he’s just going thru the motions just so he can provide healthcare for his family. So in my mind you are portraying him in a negative light. If you have concerns then reach out to the commissioners about making change or better yet…you run for commissioner.

  9. Wow. You are a mental case. You just made up a whole bunch of accusations that I never even implied. Of course you didn’t read the article but tried to pretend you did. Show me anywhere I used the words “spineless weasel and a pussy” or “healthcare.” Get help. You are really are screwed up and are projecting your thoughts onto other people. I certainly hope you don’t hold any position of power in the county’s administration. If so, you are helping me prove my case about our leadership.

  10. whatever, if you want to call me a head case …maybe you should read the full article in to which you are replying to. Instead of being so negative and name calling…get off your ass and do something constructive.

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