County Prosecutor James Flaiz trial date set

By: Frogmore

Prosecutor James Flaiz is a lawbreaker. He violated one of the most basic rights of a citizen by refusing a public records request. He, and his two attorneys, will now be in court on February 3, 2020 for a trial.

During 2018 on five different occasions, with five different requests for public records, Flaiz either ignored, tried to divert elsewhere or responded with partial information to official O.R.C. 149.43 requests from Chardon resident and state-licensed private investigator Susan Daniels.

Daniels, who has been licensed for twenty-six years, knows the Ohio Public Records Act, as well as its exclusions. As an example of what she has had to contend with, she once asked Flaiz for records of an annual report that Flaiz is required to submit to the Commissioners and the State every September. He refused to honor a request for the 2014-1015 report without a battle and a stall.

In December 2018 Daniels requested all the records of a part-time investigator Flaiz hired named Craig Young, a Chesterland police officer. It had the smell of a crony hire. That skirmish became a war. Flaiz refused to release Young’s time sheets and insisted that there were none. Daniels had copies of Young’s payroll record from the Auditor’s office that showed each pay period and how much he was paid. It was less than $5,000 for the entire year of 2018. Did Young just go to Flaiz and tell him how much to write him a check for each pay period?

Daniels, who has run into bully politicians before, hired an attorney and filed a Writ of Mandamus. That is a simple filing which results in both parties being called before a judge and the judge ordering the public official to release records.

Instead, Flaiz hired two attorneys, at county expense, to file for a “jury trial,” an obvious attempt to intimidate Daniels. That has never been done before by any lawyer because it is so preposterous — and it did not work. By the way, the lawyers are from the law firm of Manzanec, Raskin & Ryder — the same Ed Ryder who works at the Geauga Board of Elections.

Daniels filed the Writ in February 2019. Two months later the court set a pre-trial date of December 9th. Was the court really that busy? Flaiz’s lawyers kept filing motions to have the Writ dismissed. Think about that for a minute. They wanted to dismiss a request for public records and called it a frivolous filing. 

Daniels’ lawyer, Kimberly Corral, was up to the task, although she is a criminal defense attorney not a civil one.

Flaiz should be embarrassed for acting like the town bully. His tactics didn’t work. Daniels fought back, something Flaiz was not smart enough to anticipate. His lawyers should be embarrassed, too. But money is money and that is the lifeblood of lawyers and most lawyers are vampires.

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  1. I’m proud of Ms. Daniels. Jim Flaiz is contemptible for his abuse of position and for failing this community in reference to the Frank Gliha debacle. It’s time for Flaiz to be held accountable for his bullying and failures.

  2. Geauga Prosecutor Jim Flaiz is crooked and a big part of the Geauga swamp that needs to be cleaned up. He is also not that smart of an attorney and should be humiliated at how Attorney Kim Corral trounced him. Flaiz cost Geauga County taxpayers unnecessary loss of money. Who cares, it’s not his money.

    And Jim….I hope you’re reading this, because your involvement in the theft of millions through the Auditors office will not be forgotten…..It isn’t going away! I suggest you resign before things get really messy for you!

  3. Isn’t this the same attorney who beat Flaiz like a drum during the Auditor’s embezzlement trial? He had charged Decatur’s daughter with 334 felonies. Flaiz had to drop 333 of them and she got probation for her role in the disgraceful embezzlement of more that $1.8 million from the county coffers.

  4. Karen Sweet is a proven liar, as is her boss, ProsecutorJames Flaiz. Having read all the information above, I wonder if Mr. Mahvi is aware the the Flaiz is also a neighbor of Channel 8 Tom Meyer, who does everything he can to make the inept Flaiz look like he knows what he is doing. Flaiz and Meyer would have been involved in setting up Mr. Mahvi.

    Former Judge Forest Burt is known to have been a puppet of Flaiz. And when he refused to let the man present all fifteen of his witnesses, and limited to five, he took away his rights for due process.

    Flaiz had Karen Sweet investigate a crime where a Chardon couple named Painter was scammed out of $38,000 by Jack Scott, a friend of Sweet’s brother, Tim McKenna. Mc Kenna was the Chardon Police Chief at the time. Flaiz allowing her to investigate a friend of her brother is as unethical, and probably illegal, as it can be. Of course, Sweet found that her brother’s friend had done nothing wrong and the Painters never got any of their money back. McKenna is now a Trustee in Chardon Twp. And Karen Sweet, whose investigative background was doing consumer complaints for the Attorney General, is considered an investigator and making $100,000/yr. plus 32% benefits. She is laughable on so many levels.

  5. Write, I am fully aware that Prosecutor Flaiz and Tom Myers (now with Channel 8 Fox) are neighbors – unfortunately, I found this out late in the case. Flaiz wanted fame and fortune in an election year at my expense and Myers wanted Ratings for WKYC.

    BTW I also know David Joyce’s (former Prosecutor of Geauga County) daughter works for Flaiz. In October 2016 I approached David Joyce through George Voinovich Jr, asking that he look at my evidence of being railroaded. He refused. As of last night, I understand why; I was told that he and Sweet has a fling.

    Anyone knowing executives of Channel 8 should make contact with them to reveal these corrupt scumbags.

    Ref Karen Sweet, several lawyers, including Ian Friedman and Jay Milano told me she is a corrupt cop, willing to modify documents to get to her target. She certainly lied in her Sworn Statement filed before Judge Terrie Stupica on Sept 1, 2016, and I can prove it with documentary evidence (the proof is on my blog

    Recall Flaiz / Myers dubbed me the “Food Stamp Millionaire, Iranian Muslim Royalty” who had $4,038,000 in a Swiss Account in 2016. The clip went viral Globally within 24 hours.

    To get me to accept a plea, Sweet even fingered me to the IRS in Oct 2016, telling them I had $980 Million in cash stashed away in Dubai. The IRS spent money and could not turn up the $980 Million. As to the $4,038,000, Sweet got that from my IRS 2008 FBAR Report. The money belonged to my long-dead father (Nov 23, 2009) and not me in Sept 2016.

    Four times Flaiz offered me a plea of 30 days in lieu of 4 years of Federal Prison and four times I refused. So at trial, they got to Judge Forest Burt and got him to refuse me Due Process by refusing my 15 witnesses who would have testified that between 2013-2016 I had no income and I had borrowed money form each of them to get back on my feet. As I could not have my witnesses, I was convicted on an F5 and an M1 for not proving that the last $100,000 was made up of loans.

  6. BTW my parents immigrated to NY in 1949 onboard the USS United States. I was born at the Flushing Hospital in NY on Dec 5, 1950, and was baptized a Catholic at age 12. The Docs proving these truths are on my blog. I am an American Citizen married to my soulmate, also an American Citizen, the daughter of Chief of Police of Warrensville Hts, Capt Leo Keglovic (the man who was saved by President Jimmy Carter in 1974). These feckless, corrupt folks destroyed my good name globally.

  7. Here is Prosecutor James Flaiz’s track record dealing with affairs of Medicaid during his first term, ending in 2016. Since the Prosecutor took office in January 2013, my case was his very first food stamp or Medicaid fraud case he has ever indicted and written charges for. So, the Indictment under Criminal Rule 6, 7 is sparse on facts, and worse, does not point to which portion of lengthy statutes were thought to be transgressed. Geauga County Court of Common Pleas Clerk of Courts records show The Geauga County Prosecutor during 2013, brought 222 criminal cases; in 2014, he brought 230 criminal cases; in 2015, he brought 240 cases; and in 2016, he brought 207 criminal cases. My indictment was brought at the end of the year in 2016-being the 198th case out of the 207 indicted. Before this was indicted, the lawyer who signed the indictment, Prosecuting Attorney James Flaiz had not written or filed a single food stamp or Medicaid fraud indictment ever in his first term as Prosecutor. (See Clerk of Courts criminal docket records for Geauga County.) If practice makes perfect, the Prosecuting Attorney had zero practice before writing this type of criminal indictment for food stamp or Medicaid fraud. It is not informative or particular.

    More, his Investigator, Karen Sweet filed a Fraudulent FinCEN report on August 12, 2016, claiming that my race is Iranian and my wife is white and told her boss that I am an Iranian Muslim Royalty – so they went to town, filing a false Sworn Statement before Judge Terrie Stupicca, seeking a Seach Warrant. On Sept 2, 2016, Flaiz went on WKYC-TV, disparaging me while Sweet found my US Passport and Certificate of Birth. Thus the die was cast; they needed me to take the offered plea. When I refused, he and my fake criminal lawyer had Judge Forest Burt deny my Due Process.

    If you cannot convict by legal means, railroad the citizen! After all, he is the citizen and we are the lords.

    I have asked our Gov and our AG to look into this matter. Alas, I have lost hope that they will do anything for me.

  8. My situation revealed 4 situations in Ohio that we must repeal and change:

    1- We are a “Home Rule State” … meaning that No One, not the President of the United States, Not the Governor of Ohio, Not the Attorney General of Ohio, Not the FBI, Not the IRS, Not the United States Secret Service, No one and no Federal Agency can interfere with what the Prosecutor does, even if it is prosecutorial criminal activity (as carried out in my case). I even had a Deputy Sheriff at the Safety Center tell me “Mr. Mahvi, if you think you are innocent until proven guilty, you are on drugs. Today, you are guilty until proven innocent. If I were you, I would not stop attacking these sons of bitches”! As to Flaiz’s his Investigator, Karen Sweet, though she is a Deputy Sheriff, she only answers to Prosecutor Flaiz. She is so powerful, she even wore an FBI windbreaker at my trail for the benefit of WKYC-TV. No person can take any action against her, and the reason for this is the 2nd problem:

    2- On July 8, 2015, a case was decided called “Henderson v. City of Euclid” – here is the link explaining it.
    In short, the case imparts total and absolute immunity to all the Prosecutorial Team, reasoning that it flows down from the Prosecutor to his staff. This brings me to the third problem:

    3- We need to have Prosecutorial Immunity – We have too many crooked prosecutors and we need Prosecutorial Accountability NOW. I signed a Petition today for a lady in prison. Standing up for truth and justice in Rosa Jimenez’s case is important. I support freeing @innocenceproject client #RosaJimenez who is innocent and dying from kidney disease. Join me in supporting Rosa. The Innocence Project client Rosa Jimenez is innocent and needs your help. Four Texas judges have concluded that Jimenez is likely innocent, and one ordered that she be retried or released. Take action now. Take the next step and share this petition with your friends and family in Texas and visit SUPPORT the .

    4- Attack the For-Profit, publically own Prisons. The shares are owned by Judges and Prosecutors, leading to a revolving door and corrupting the Judges, the Prosecutors, and Law Enforcement.

  9. Robbie, I stand by the allegations I made against these feckless, corrupt folks and I have posted most of the documentary proof. Due to the “Henderson v. City of Euclid” case, all I can do is hope that the Gov finds the resolve to acquit me.

    I really believe We the People need to demand that Prosecutorial Accountability be legislated. It is not enough that we can file our grievances with the Office of the Disciplinary Counsel of the Supreme Court of Ohio, for it is my experience that due to our Home Rule Status, they will do nothing. I hear our AG, Dave Yost is a good man, but what good can a good man do against the evil abuse of citizens when he cannot sanction corrupt Prosecutors. That needs to change. I also think that the Gov must be given responsibility for all the Ohio Sheriffs in every county. How can we live with these individual fiefdoms whose Sheriffs are a law on to themselves?

    These days, once your name in on the internet with a false rap, you are basically fighting an uphill battle. In my case, I first went to a firm called Reputation Defender in California. They wanted to distance me from the sh*t on Google. I determined I need to embrace history and attack evil head-on and rely on the Lord to guide my steps and protect me from their ruthless behavior.

  10. After the Geauga Maple Leaf published this article (see Link): I wrote the paper the below-appended letter, which to my knowledge was never published – so much for a level playing field.

    It was not until 2019 that I learned from the 11th District Appellate Court of Appeals that the Justices were prevented to Rule on my 26B Appeal (Pro-Se) because during the trial, my lawyer, Brendan Delay failed to protest/proffer for the Court Record that Judge Forest Burt Denied me my Constitutionally Guaranteed Right to Due Process by refusing me to bring my 15 witnesses over the requested 4-5 days to testify that they each had loaned me money. This resulted in my inability to prove that the Loans were not Income as defined by the IRS. The Court of Appeals (just like the US Senate at the Impeachment hearings) is not the fact finder; they simply review the Court Transcripts and the presented evidence to see if errors were made. As my lawyer failed to protest For the Record, the record failed to show the lack of Due Process.

    It was only in 2019 that I found the evidence showing I had asked for 15 witnesses and this was denied. As this denial was in chambers and away from the light of day, I believe Prosecutor James Flaiz, his assistant Nicholas Burling, Judge Forest Burt, and my lawyer, colluded to deny my request so they could find me guilty of a lesser crime, a Felony 5, demanding 30 days.

    They never counted on me to continue to fight.

    Below is the letter I wrote to the Maple Leaf:
    I am convinced that the Local Prosecutor, James Flaiz, and his assistant, Nicholas Burling, both realized very early on, I would say by early October 2016, that any forensic accounting would not help their case against me; in fact, they realized that the accounting would prove I was telling them the truth, that between 2013-2016 I had no income and had borrowed money to survive and as Loans are excluded by law, their case would fail.
    Indeed, on Sept 2 (during the raid) and 6, 2016 (four days after the raid), while on being recorded, and in the presence of my wife and my accuser, Ashley Hiscox and the Prosector’s investigator, Karen Sweet, 1) I provided the State a list of all the loans, the date each amount was borrowed, the lender’s name and a copy of each note, and 2) I told them that the Limited Liability Company, Exquisite Caribbean Resorts (ECR), belongs to 10 shareholders and that the land belonged to a subsidiary of ECR and not me!
    Any sane person would not include the land as his / her asset if the land did not belong to him/her! Besides, as the land is 2,500 miles away from Ohio, it is 100% mortgaged and has zero income, EVEN if it was owned by me individually, it is by law considered as an Inaccessible Resources and therefore EXCLUDED.
    Therefore the Felony 5 conviction is in error.
    As to my use of the ECR two accounts in Sept-Dec 2015, as (a) ECR was dormant since 1/2013, (b) ECR had no income, (c) the source of funds was money I had borrowed, and (d) the funds were deposited and immediately used, no crime was committed.
    Therefore the Misdemeanor 4 conviction is in error.
    The judge acquitted the other two Felony 4 charges of Grand Theft, ruling there was no proof.
    It is my position, therefore, that the Prosecutor realized that by withholding a Forensic accounting and a Flow of Cash Analysis, he would in fact mislead the court, and this may cause the Court to sentence me to jail for 30 days, an imperative in order to bury the Prosecutor’s mistake of having invited the press to the raid on Sept 2, 2016, where on TV he globally prosecuted, convicted and sentenced me to four years of Federal prison and disparaged my name.
    I had to be convicted by the Court in order to protect the Prosecutor’s grandstanding on TV.
    He also knew there was no money “overland” – as he put it — for he knew his investigator, Karen Sweet had lied to Judge Stupica in order to secure the raid warrant of Sept 1, 2016, passing off dad’s Geneva account and balance of 2008 as mine in June 2016. This point can be proved by me beyond any reasonable doubt for I have the only evidence.
    It is interesting to note that during Discovery, at least four transcripts were withheld from us:
    1- the Sept 6, 2016 Transcript were I tell Karen Sweet (a) my loan details, (b) the account in Switzerland was my father’s in 2008 and not mine in 2016, (c ) and point out to her that she was triple accounting deposits thereby giving her false results.
    2- The October 2016 telephone Transcript where I called Karen Sweet a liar.
    3- The two transcripts of our 2014 interview with Marsha W at Geauga Jobs and Family Services, where the State alleged that I had lied about my assets (the land and ECR accounts). Interestingly, the Court relied on these State assertions without any proof of lies being tabled at trial!
    Where is the beef?
    Prior to the Indictment of December 14, 2016, Flaiz knew (a) David Grant was my lawyer, (b) that I had paid him $5,000 advance during November 2016 as a payment toward the demanded $50,000 defense cost, (c) that I didn’t have the money in my account to pay Grant, and (d) that I would need to either transfer money from the alleged Swiss Account or borrow it. So he rolled the dice, counting on me to transfer the cash from my alleged Swiss Account. They later checked and there was no Swiss transfer.
    These below escaped him:
    (A) In November I would meet Brendan Delay, the latter who offered to defend me with no upfront payments. (His December 14, 2016, was a total surprise to the Prosecutor and the Court. )
    (B) I had the ability to borrow money to pay Mr. Delay for the trial, and
    (C) Even with a guilty verdict for 30 days jail term, I would be able to borrow to pay for the Appeal.
    These three aforementioned points were devastating to the State. Now the Prosecutor is faced with an Appeal, where the Court’s two errors will be exposed and the case dismissed with prejudice. On the countersuit, Karen Sweet’s perjury will be revealed and she will be prosecuted.
    When he saw Delay at the Dec 14, 2016 indictment, Flaiz accused Delay of having received $1,000,000 from me. Delay responded, “Mr. Flaiz, you are wrong”. Indeed, all he had received by then was $3,000 which I had borrowed.
    Brendan Delay did not get paid until a week after the trial. He was paid a total of $32,000 of borrowed money for the trial, it’s costs and the Appeal.
    $3,000 on Dec 14, 16
    $2,000 around Sept 1, 2017
    $27,000 around Oct 30, 2017, of which $15,000 is for the appeal. UNQUOTE

  11. I posted my opinion of “Home Rule” on Feb 6 at 16:38 – see above.

    After much discussion and research, I now understand the whys of “Home Rule” vs line responsibility to the Ohio Governor. Obviously, there are pros and cons to every situation – with the current County Sheriff, it is a bad situation. Once Jimmy Lee Holden is elected, I believe the situation will change as Holden will maintain the needed ethics we need in the Dept, and more importantly, he will not take any shit and will root out corruption in our County.

    Remember, our nation has a Constitution to which all politicians and judges are bound, giving them the right to govern the governed. Without this linkage, we are nothing but a bunch of cowboys and our experiment will come to an end in the foreseeable future. It was not long ago (12/18/2018) that a Deputy Sheriff reminded me that if I believe we are innocent until proven guilty, I am smoking pot.

    Thus far I have forwarded his Vote card to some 2,000 Geauga County households and will continue to do so every week. I encourage everyone reading my post to do their part in introducing Mr Holden. I spent some 30 min with him and I instantly sensed he is a man of ethics and will keep his Word.

  12. So, Pascal, you think the best plan is to turn over control to a more centralized government? Don’t let sheriff’s answer to the people whom they serve directly? All to avoid these suposed “cowboy” elected officials? How does this jibe with you darling Holden’s cowboy, Walt Longmire wannabe persona? The man endorsed by an alt-right, anti-gov “Sheriff”?

  13. We need a sheriff who actually shows up for work. Who isn’t a slug. Who doesn’t only promote his pets.

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