Democrat Defection

By: James R. MacNeal

We have a Democrat defection: Matthew Rambo.

On Oct. 7, he cancelled his (Democrat) voter registration, immediately re-registered and filed for a run at the juvenile/probate court as a Republican, challenging sitting Republican Judge Timothy Grendell.

The tactic of infiltrating the Republican Party and infecting it with Democrat philosophies is reprehensible. Hopefully there’s no welcome mat placed by the leadership of the Republican Party again, as when now RINO Jim Dvorak jumped ship and challenged Commissioner Skip Claypool in the 2018 primary.

One would think Republican leadership would be wise to this transparent scheme, but that assumes they oppose such behavior. I don’t know what they think, but they should be aware that the eyes of all Republicans are directly upon them as again, one of our incumbents comes under infiltrator attack.

(Nancy McArthur is in charge of the Republican central committee; what more do you need to know? She pushed Dvorak into office, too. Time to get her out. She works at the Board of Elections. Make sure she doesn’t count the votes.)

They better not pave the way for Rambo the way they did for Dvorak, who frequently abstains from votes. I suppose this is because he lacks experience to pass an intelligent judgement on some of these really difficult matters that come before him, other than voting against Claypool for mental health board. There was a huge mistake given Claypool’s investigative bulldog performance at the recent commissioner-board meeting. We know that was an easy vote for Mr. Abstainer.

Rambo is high on experience as a reason why a judicial candidate should be elected. Odd thing though, he has no experience in or before a juvenile or probate court. This contrasts with Judge Grendell’s record of excellence throughout his entire career: President, OH Association of Juvenile Court Judges; VP OH Association of Probate Judges; elected to National College of Probate Judges Board. No other Geauga judge has achieved such recognition of excellence.

Attorney Rambo and Republican leaders, all eyes are upon you now. Let’s see how both sets of experience play out as events unfold.

4 thoughts on “Democrat Defection

  1. Democrats are incapable of doing anything honestly. They think killing babies, even after they are born, is acceptable. And then they sell the baby’s parts to make money. What do you get if you add D for Democrat with evil? You get Devil.

  2. I think Geauga Republican Chairman Nancy McArthur is a political prostitute, a political whore. She and that no good pig Ed Ryder have ruined the Republican Party in Geauga. It should now be called the RINO Party. There is not much Republican left of it.

    If either of them ever lose their jobs they could still make good money with the talents they have developed in politics, with Nancy on the street corner and Ed pimping.

  3. Tim Grendell was a democrat and changed parties when he ran for office the first time. Maybe we should all be forced to use our brains and vote for a candidate, their experience, their platform instead of a party label.

  4. And Matthew Rambo also totally misses the mark on experience too! He has zero judicial experience let alone experience in the Probate Court. He is a simply Democrat imposter seeking any judicial seat in Geauga County and is currently attempting to pull off a thinly veiled political hack of a Republican primary. Rambo is zero!

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