Chardon School Levy Loss Teaches Leaders Nothing

By: Scuttle the Board

°   Students returning to school next year will enter through a new $190,000 vestibule, with no indication that any safety features have been added. The school is applying for a $100,000 grant to help pay for it but the school said they will build it whether they get the grant or not.

°    Concrete sidewalks and driveway aprons were replaced and the teachers’ parking lot was repaved. (Huh? They said the buildings were falling apart.)

°    The school is setting aside $40,000 a year to eventually replace the synthetic turf on the football field. Joe Loyd, who was recently defeated as a board member, brought information outlining the health risks of using synthetics, instead of grass. The crumbling rubber, which is the base of the fake grass, causes health concerns. He said grass would be half the cost.  

°    Michael McDonald, who was also defeated, said “Chardon Citizens Care” has been formed to come up with solutions for the district. Anyone is welcome to join.

°    Todd Albright challenged alleged abuse by teachers of activities during the effort to pass the levy. Superintendent Michael Hanlon said they sought legal advice pertaining to activities by staff and administrators and said that school grounds and equipment was available to those opposing Issue 21. (Am I the only one who missed that memo? Was the legal advice free?)

They will try to force the levy down our throats again next year. Be prepared.

One thought on “Chardon School Levy Loss Teaches Leaders Nothing

  1. The “cheer squad” of Chardon, not referring to the cheerleaders but the crazed and wigged out parents who want new buildings…, will stop at nothing to get what they want. It’s all ego. They want what Kenston School has and that’s all it is….

    Kenston School has put Auburn and other residents in a financial downward spiral. I have been told that as soon as their children graduate, they vacate because they cannot afford the property taxes.

    This comes as no surprise to me that the crazy and wigged out parents of Chardon will try to steal money in the form of a new bond issue or levy.

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