Congressman David Joyce on his way OUT

By: Fed Up With Joyce

“Do nothing” RINO Dave Joyce has competition for his 14th District Congressional seat. Mark Pitrone of Stow filed petitions to challenge him in the Primary on March 17, 2020.

Joyce got his seat unfairly (see “Congressman David Joyce Screws Constituents Again”) but will lose it fairly. What has “Just Dave” done for anyone in his district? He pats backs, smiles his phony smile and goes off to hang with his Democrat pals.

I know nothing about Mark Pitrone but he has my vote. Anyone is better than a loser like “Just Dave.”

5 thoughts on “Congressman David Joyce on his way OUT

  1. From your pen to God’s eyes!

    I know that the chances of defeating Dave Joyce in the primary by an unknown candidate are exactly 2; 1) slim, and 2) none.

    BUT, if the average Republican voter in the 14th District is as fed up with him as you, there IS a chance.

    The Federal Government has gotten completely away from the Founders’ vision of a constitutional Republic where ALL citizens are sovereign in their own lives and the government is servant to those people. I really don’t think Mr. Joyce thinks that way.


  2. Everyone reading this article should vote for Mark Pitrone. No matter who he is, he is better than “Just Dave.” Who is a liar and a cheat and voted in favor of illegal immigrants. Rumor has it that he is going to retire to work for the marijuana industry, which would allow Nancy McArthur and her gang the opportunity to name out next congressman. Let’s get Dave Joyce out – now!

  3. Joyce is a classic “Rino”. His Town Hall Phone calls are a complete farce where he only lets
    people he knows ask questions (pre-arranged questions) and then reads his pre-arranged answers. It’s so obvious that it’s laughable. On multiple occasions he has refused to debate
    challengers. He has to go.

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