7 thoughts on “Mr. Forrest Burt

  1. Isn’t that clown gone? Didn’t he age out and retire? I hope so, he was the worst judge in the history of Geauga County.

  2. Burt kept coming around the courthouse every day long after he was replaced by Ondrey. He had a “close” female friend who worked in the office. When Ondrey changed his staff, Burt stopped coming around. Burt was Flaiz’s puppet and it looks like Flaiz is going to have to find a new one. Both judges, Ondrey and Paschke, seem to be straight shooters.

  3. This “man” if you will, did great harm to many who came through his courtroom. He was a grand ass. Thank God in heaven that he is now out of the courts.

  4. I don’t know about Burt being “Flaiz’s puppet.” I’d say , whatever corrupt moves Burt made during his tenure, were made independent of Flaiz. Simply, Burt didn’t need Flaiz to corrupt him , or drive his actions, if that’s what you’re implying. That said, you’re wrong about Paschke. She’s no straight shooter. In fact, I ‘d say its business as usual at 100 Short Court, because Paschke’s performance is as whack as Burts.

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