Congressman David Joyce Screws Constituents Again

By: Disgusted by Dave Joyce

“Just Dave,” who cheated his way into congress when the late Steve LaTourette resigned too late for the voters to pick a candidate (see “Congressman David Joyce…F.B.I. Investigation), just screwed us again.

Joyce, along with thirty-three other RINO traitors, joined the Democrats and voted to outsource farm work to H-2A visa holders. That could amount to more than a million illegal aliens, eliminating work for Americans. It also would subsidize companies that hire them.

Additionally, those worker’s pay would be lower than expected and the companies would get huge subsidies for migrant housing. The truly disgusting part of the Farm Worker Amnesty bill is that the carrot on the stick is the possibility of citizenship if illegals are willing to work for lower wages and longer hours.

That’s “Just Dave” for you. The Conservative Review (CR), which scores how politicians vote, gave “Just Dave” a score of voting conservatively 34% of the time, a grade of “F.” CR tracks voting on the fifty most important issues during the past six years.

If you see “Just Dave” around, give him a big F.

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