Matthew Rambo For Judge – NOT!!!

BY: Rover

In the above video made by RINO Matt Rambo with wife and kids, he portrays himself to be a good family man, which I have no doubt that he is, but this is the same old crap most politicians portray to us, trying to appeal to our emotions. It is pretty much meaningless having little to do with his duties as Judge.

In the video he states:
1)  “A Judge tells the truth”

2)  “A Judge is fair”

3)  “A Judge inspires faith in the Judicial system”

4)  “A Judge protects what matters most; our parks, our communities, our families.

Matt Rambo IS NOT telling the truth! He is a Democrat being involved in dirty Cleveland politics for years. He recently switched to Republican at the request of dishonest Republican Chairman Nancy McArthur who cooked this plot up so she could run someone against Judge Tim Grendell, a real Republican, who she hates, promising Republican Party support to Rambo. Dishonest Nancy pulled the same trick with staunch Obama supporting Democrat Jim Dvorak, now a Geauga County Commissioner. Matt Rambo is no more Republican than Obama.

1)  Matt Rambo does not tell the truth. He is a liar and deceiver of the people.

2)  Matt Rambo is not fair. How could a liar involved in a plot like this be fair.

3)  Matt Rambo does not inspire faith in the Judicial system. How could anyone be inspired by a devious liar and hypocrite who misrepresents himself. I would be inspired to not vote for him.

4)  Matt Rambo says a Judge should protect what matters most but he puts our families last and the chipmunks in parks first.

The video is absolutely nauseating!! If you vote for Matt Rambo and think you are voting for a Republican, YOU WOULD BE WRONG!

24 thoughts on “Matthew Rambo For Judge – NOT!!!

  1. What a jerk this guy is! He said our parks are the most important thing, and then he says family, etc. Don Partington and Kathy Hanratty were at the Heroes event and they were promoting this guy. Of course they are promoting him, he is supporting Protect Geauga Parks.

    I loved Bob McCullough, but even he would not approve of the lunacy of Protect Geauga Parks. Bob was a consensus builder, not a hater.

    And now Matt is saying that the parks are the number one priority? He is just pandering to the fringe group of people who profess to be nature lovers, when in fact, they are all about Obama, pro-abortion, and political divisiveness.

    No, my family and I will not be voting for Matt Rambo. What a jerk!

  2. In 2014 the Parks Board had an extra $9 million in a carryover, money unspent. They still have tons of money but created a new line item so it is called something else to fool the voters. And the dullards of Geauga County last month just voted them a “lifetime levy.” The parks will now never have to run a levy ever again. Way to go, halfwits.

  3. Wherever you see a Rambo RINO sign, you will see a Protect Geauga Parks sign. That should be warning enough

  4. I am not involved in the Protect our Parks group. But most of the information in the previous comments are false. The blind faith in Grendell and the GPD is baffling. Though I will say, I am not surprised.


    The facts in the post ARE TRUE! They are proven. Matt Rambo is a fraud and liar! He is not a Republican!

    The facts in the comments are a different story. On any blog you go to they are made up of peoples opinion or facts that people have researched or know personally.

    You say you are not involved in the “Protect our Parks group” and “most of the information in the previous COMMENTS are false” but you provide no information to back that up. How do we know you are not involved in that radical, hateful Parks group? You could be lying. Why should anyone just blindly believe you that the comments are false when you provide no info as to why.

    You are not credible and if you think people will believe your unsubstantiated blubbering, don’t bet on it!

    And by the way, if you would take time to find out his accomplishments and how he has bettered the Juvenile/Probate Court, you would see that Judge Tim Grendell is one of BEST Judges we have had there in years!

  6. You most certainly are involved with a Protect Geauga Parks. Liar!

    You are extremists and hateful. I have read letters from your small group and you sound manic. Bob McCullough was a friend of mine, he would not support what you have morphed into, at all…

    Our parks are amazing and should be preserved. But your group has done great harm to our effort to unite support of the parks.

  7. Always a stab at Grendell. You are Protect Geauga Parks. But you are not about loving nature, just hating Grendell. That’s your whole program.

    Many of your members do not pay full property taxes. If you really cared, you would not scam with homestead exemption and other tax waivers.

    Put your money where your vicious mouths are….pay up.

  8. Thank you for your response Sleeping Lion. No I don’t expect my comment to have credibility seeing as this is, as you said, is a comment section in a blog where I am not even using my own name. You can trust that I have no affiliation with the “radical/hateful” Protect Parks group, or not. I couldn’t care less. I merely wanted to post my thoughts after reading the original post and comments that included many accusations. Everyone can do their own research. All I want is what’s best for Geauga County. Enjoy your day and your vote!

  9. This poster was definitely a Protect Geauga Parks/Take Back the Parks person. My husband and I, as a rule, do not vote for judicial offices unless we know the individual. We are voting for Tim Grendell because he must be doing something right if these people are so virulently opposed. Something is wrong here, they are so negative, so we will do a reverse vote.

    So far this is still a free country and anyone can express their thoughts on any subject and whether you use your real name or not doesn’t matter. Thoughts are one thing and facts are another so please let me give you some friendly advice in all sincerity. When anyone states that something is true or false, they must give facts as to why, in oder to have some credibility and substantiate what they are saying. You did not do that. I hope this was helpful. You also enjoy your day!

  11. Thank you for reaching out with the sincere advice. If you think all the accusations in original post are facts, that’s on you. I just encourage everyone to have a healthy skepticism of all elected officials. They work for us so let’s make informed decisions. God bless.

  12. Liar! Why not just support Rambo? Why not speak to his work record? Why not put in a good word for Rambo? Because you are not a supporter, but a Protect Geauga Parks looney tunes who hates the other candidate.

    Liar! And I question highly that you have common sense. You are a political hate group. Conservation is the least of your concerns…..


  13. It’s true Protect us from the Nature Loons! They are members of the Protect Geauga Parks group.

    They have nothing good to say. They are so twisted in their hatred, it’s scary.

  14. I disagree. I think Matt is a nice man, he is not a strong person, kind of wishy washy. But he is a nice person.

  15. How about Grendel kicking the prosecutor off 2 juvenile cases hiring a outside attorney to act as prosecutor and then prosecutor kicking Grendel off the said cases delaying said juveniles cases longer while they are on house arrest… putting juveniles on house arrest WITH a ankle monitor AND making a parent stay at home with said juvenile at all times making a parent lose income??? Great judge!!! Or maybe Grendel making a great show in the square belittling a police officer for doing his job??? Screaming in his robe??? That’s who you want judging YOUR CHiLD??? Good luck!!! He needs to go!!!

  16. The parks shouldn’t be your main concern…the children of geauga county should be..and how they are rehibilitated and corrected so they can turn into amazing citizens. The main thing they are running for is Juvenile Judge. When someone threatens to kill themselves they are pink slipped.. 24 hrs watch in a physchitric ward .. Grendel puts them in DH where they are builed in the first 24 hrs!! He’s lucky my kid didn’t follow through…

  17. I agree with mom the Judge Grendell has to go.
    As the Officer of the Court he supposed to be first to contact the Government Authorities (DHS and Homeland Security
    Investigations) to let them take care organized criminal business in Cleveland :
    Documents and Benefits Fraud-the Arrangements of Fraudulent Marriages for the Financial profits and to gain very easy Citizenship.
    The Organizer of this business is already for more than two decades successfully
    working with corrupt government employees from Immigration Services in Cleveland.
    One Fraudulent Marriage -around $50.000.
    And to protect the scams I believe it cost even more money…
    The President Trump is fighting for very strict reforms in Immigration Services,but the Judge Grendell is using his high power to take care his pockets,not anyone’s children or the parks.
    He controls the Sheriff’s Office,the Prosecutor’s Office and GCJFS to forced them falsified documents.
    Human life is being used to cover up and protect the group of criminals.

  18. TO: Not sure how to vote

    How do you know what a nice man Rambo is? Have you known him a long time, do you know people who have known him a long time, or did you meet him a few times and he smiled and was nice to you? Whatever your perception of him being nice is, is not a good reason for giving him your vote or anyone else. I don’t think it’s nice when someone lies and misrepresents himself.

  19. TO: Pissed off mom

    You are just rambling. Any particular cases you can cite? You talk as if you know all about what’s going on in the Juvenile Court. Any kids that show up their, in most cases, are there because of poor parenting or dysfunctional, troubled families and drug involvement with the parents and kids. Judge Grendell has his hands filled. He is tough but fair.

  20. TO: Resident 2020

    What the hell are you even talking about? It”s not clear. You are rambling all over the place with no facts to back it up. You sound like “Pissed off mom”. Also, it’s so absurd to say that Grendell controls the Sheriff’s Office, the Prosecutor’s Office and GCJFS.

  21. Protect Geauga Parks gets upset at the parks having soccer fields for kids. Only 3% of Geauga Parks 10,000 acres is for recreational use. WTF? If they want private nature preserves Protect Geauga Parks should go buy their own land.

  22. Yikes! Resident 2020, sounds like you are unhinged and need a guardianship to help with your mental illness. Wow, you are a whackadoo.

  23. Do you actually know the details of the case? Do you actually know why the judge would remember a prosecutor? Was there a conflict of interest? Do you have any specifics you can share? Transcripts?

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