Congressman David Joyce, Just Dave…

By: Chardon Resident

Just “Dave” has mailed out a flyer with a survey about the “opiod crisis”.  

But the truth is that constituents have questions about whether or not Congressman David Joyce could pass his own drug test…

We want Just Dave, to just take a drug test.  And no waiting thirty days….

Congressman David Joyce supported Obamacare and has failed to support President Trump on many initiatives. David Joyce prides himself on being a moderate, when in truth, he is a full scale sell out to the conservatives.

Just Dave, can you “just” pass a drug test?

One thought on “Congressman David Joyce, Just Dave…

  1. “Just Dave” would never have been named congressman for Geauga County if it was not for the underhanded manipulation of the Geauga Republican Party. Our last congressman, Steve LaTourette, knew he was dying but did not resign until July 2012, just past the deadline when voters could have chosen our candidate. The party named Joyce as the nominee. People who know, said the arrangements were made at the Gates Mills house of Dem. Umberto Fedeli, with Republicans and Democrats present, including Joyce and LaTourette. Joyce has been a worthless RINO in congress ever since.

    From a Dave Joyce Wikipedia page that has now been erased: “Joyce was nominated by Senators Mike DeWine and George Voinovich to serve as U.S. Attorney. However, serious questions arose during his FBI background investigation and President (W.H.) Bush did not move forward with the nomination.”

    Speculation is that It had to do with drugs, including cocaine, being used at a Christmas party Joyce was hosting in Cleveland. Apparently the FBI was still a dependable organization then.

    In January, 2019, Joyce came out in support of marijuana; he must be setting himself up for a lobbying position with the marijuana marketers just like John Boehner did.

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