West G Teacher Mandated to Take Diversity, Sensitivity Counseling

By: Dyed in the Wool Democrat

In reference to the article written by Reis Thebault, titled, “Teacher uses a meme of Dora the Explorer as an illegal border crosser in a lesson about voting.”

What a joke!  A student reported to his mommy that he was offended by an image used in his government class and “helicopter mom” attorney Stephanie Anderson flew off the handle and demanded that something be done about this!

The article stated:
“Stephanie Anderson, a parent at the school, saw the side-by-side images, she was outraged. The comparison — Dora, a young Spanish-speaking Latina, and a menacing convict — was a problematic dog whistle, she said”.

I’ll tell you what is problematic is that she won’t be there to hold her little snowflake’s hand when he gets into the real world.

Much ado about nothing!

What a phony and hypocrite this Anderson is, living in her nice home in rural Geauga and espousing to be concerned about illegals and/or the portrayal of the “marginalized.”

Stephanie Anderson wouldn’t know marginalized if it smacked her on her big forehead.  Tell helicopter mom to move to East Cleveland, and then she can outreach and mission to the truly needy.  And if she doesn’t get her broad ass kicked in the process, she can come back and tell us about it!

West Geauga is a school riddled with drugs and bullying, and she is worried about her little baby milquetoast getting PTSD from an image.

I’m the one who is outraged, by the self aggrandizement of the parents who feel they are the determiners of all that is good and wonderful.

Wait, just wait until her son goes to college or gets a job in the real world, he won’t last a week.

And they want us to pony up millions of dollars to build all new schools for these spoiled and narcissistic  brats.  Not gonna happen!

4 thoughts on “West G Teacher Mandated to Take Diversity, Sensitivity Counseling

  1. I think the biggest takeaway from this is that for all of the political correctness elitism of the parents of the West G students, these kids are nasty and the most vicious social media bullies since the invention of the cell phone. This generation has not benefitted from their parents political correctness. It seems to have had the reverse effect.

    A student from Kenston High School killed themselves several weeks ago, the suicide was attributed to bullying.

    I’m not worried or concerned about this teacher at all, I’m more concerned about the political correctness nazis who are getting people fired, sanctioned or bullying people to death…, literally.

  2. I retired early because of the exaggerated sensitivity to everything. Over the past 7-10 years, the students have become increasingly selfish and just pure mean. I do not miss teaching at all.

  3. One of the worst plagues on our society, generally speaking, are attorneys, but especially leftist, feminist, politically correct rags like attorney Stephanie Anderson.

    I feel sorry for the teacher, who in my opinion did nothing wrong by showing an example. The media puts out cute little cartoons like that with adorable characters, to subtly influence our children into accepting socialism, political correctness and other bullshit like that. Totally un American. Trump hating teachers and professors in other liberal schools and colleges that bring that hateful propaganda into their classrooms give students failing grades, in many instances, if they are not in agreement with them. The students are not even allowed to express differing opinions in class. To all of you pansy parents afraid to support the teacher and speak out against Stephanie Anderson….you are part of the problem!

  4. Wes is best! As a moderate R who went to WG years ago but has some D tendencies, I felt the teacher was within his rights to do what he did. Go Wolverines! Interesting site.

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