Matthew Rambo Geauga County Judge Candidate

By: Dyed in the Wool Democrat

Matt is a traitor and typical of the losers in this county who change party affiliation just to prostitute themselves into a job with health care and benefits. We have no dems as leaders.

But this loser, Matt Rambo is really doing a good bend over.  My recommendation to him is to get a coupon and buy a giant economy size jar of vaseline.  This won’t be his last bend over.

He will be so busy kissing Nancy McArthurs’ ass, he may never have the time to kiss his wife or children again.

He is just like Jim Dvorak, another BEND ME OVER, and lay on the vaseline.

Matt Rambo’s children should be proud of their dad, he’s an asshole, with a big jar of vaseline.

4 thoughts on “Matthew Rambo Geauga County Judge Candidate

  1. Matt is a crony, he is banking on the hatred of the nature extremists and the bitter Henry family. That’s not a good foundation!

    Jim Patterson is supporting Rambo and Jim is still twisting over being removed as a Park Board Commissioner. Never mind that this crook was using the Geauga Park District website to sell his tasteless wares. And he rooked the taxpayers for millions when he sold his acres to the WRLC.

    And the Leeches, John and Pat Leech are supporting Matt as well. The Leeches sold swamp land to the park district, I think they were paid $12,000 an acre for SWAMP LAND!

    Matt Rambo’s wife is a person friend of the Geauga County Prosector, Jim Flaiz. Matt was asked to run against Flaiz, but his wife would not hear it.

    Geauga County is in the bin, toast. The “old boys” are running the asylum, and Matt will do well because he has no spine. He will do what they tell him to do.

  2. Tim Grendell was a democrat and changed parties just before the first time he ran for office. Grendell Boss Hogg more than a respected county judge. He hires and fires people based on their blind loyalty to him. He created new positions in the probate court for his best friend from high school – John Ralph and then created another new $100,000+ job for Kim Laurie after her failed attempt to run for Lake County Commissioner. Grendell has significantly increased the court’s budget since taking office and he regularly uses public funds to shamelessly advertise his face and name on countless “public information” fliers, mailers and those ridiculous Good Deeds billboards.

  3. What a liar the Protect Geauga Parks people are!!! The increase in the courts budget is is because of the caseload. This amazing Judge, Judge Tim Grendell is handling the highest number of court cases in the history of Juvenile Court.

    God bless our Judge Tim Grendell. He also saved this county’s water rights. Kathy Hanratty, Mike Nolan’s wife, of Nolan Plumbing, fought to have our wells metered and assessed for usage! I’m not sure, but I think she was trying to drum up business for Mike.

    Grendell, our State Rep at the time fought for our water rights and defeated the dangerous liberals like Protect Geauga Park founder Kathy Hanratty.

    President Reagan was a Democrat, when it meant something. Rambo is a liberal, abortion supporting failed Cuyahoga County Prosecutor.

  4. Wow, Matt sat at Democratic Headquarters with us and talked about our values is what defines us!!! He was not badmouthing republicans, but he said, “What separates us from the Republicans is that we have core values…” I guess he was just play acting, lying.

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