Protect Geauga Parks: Crazies Honor Fellow Crazy Tom Curtin!

By: Anne Beth

Tom Curtain is the winner of the Heroes of Conservation award, same guy who buried a Cadillac on donated park property!  He is Executive Director here in Delaware County and I never knew that he buried a car on Geauga donated land!!!!  Who buries a car on park property?  I heard a lot about the Protect Geauga Parks group and how nutso they can be, but this takes the cake, the cake of all cakes!

3 thoughts on “Protect Geauga Parks: Crazies Honor Fellow Crazy Tom Curtin!

  1. WOW did this guy age poorly…….wow he looks awful. I think I remember him, but not looking like this.

  2. Obviously this was a prank and not a real event, you should check the facts before you write a post like this. Nobody would give Mr. Curtin an award like this, if he did in fact bury a car on park property. Did he ever say why he did this? Was it stolen? This does not make sense.

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