Geauga Sheriff Hildenbrand “LIKES” Himself When Mislabeled as a Veteran

By: Disgusted Chardonite

Sheriff Scott Hildenbrand posing as a Vietnam Vet.

Sheriff Scott Hildenbrand looks foolish as he checked “Like” under a picture of himself in a photo with MOH winner Sgt. Leroy Petry and Lake County Sheriff Deputy Mike Warner at a Veteran’s Day ceremony.

It’s not the vanity that made the sheriff look like a fool, it was the fact that he had been misidentified as a Vietnam Vet and he still thought it was a good idea he give himself an up vote. Among the other forty “Likes” was, Nancy McArthur, the ringleader of the questionable Geauga Republican Party. She must be as dumb as him.

Hildenbrand was born in 1962; it is doubtful he was a vet when his age was still in single digits. His biography on the Sheriff’s website says he graduated in 1980 and went to work for Hambden in 1981. Vietnam was long over before 1980.

The picture below appeared on the Burr Funeral Facebook website and when it was drawn to their attention that Hildenbrand was not a vet, they quickly took down the page, rewrote it and put it up again. Too late. Lots of people already saw it and his arrogance that was recognized.

Petry and Warner were the real vets, but Hildenbrand took credit while he could. Do we really need someone so dim-witted that he tries to steal valor from real vets?

Hildenbrand’s total lack of self-awareness is disturbing. All sheriffs hold the position of the most important law enforcement people in their county, and apparently we got the bottom of the barrel.

Hildenbrand is a Sheriff, who is never at the Sheriff’s Dept. and as Fire Chief in Hambden Twp., he is never there, either. Nice work if you can get paid two positions but never show up for either.

Geauga County deserves better. We can do better. We will have the choice next year to vote Hildenbrand out of office. When he was sworn in two years ago, there were 140 employees at the Sheriff’s Dept. At last count, there were a couple dozen more. Why? Their salary budget is $11 million. Why? The chronyism in this county MUST stop.

Also: We will have to closely watch the vote counting next year. McArthur, who backs Hildenbrand, works for the Board of Election, along with the detestable lawyer Ed Ryder. Ryder’s law firm, Manzanec, Raskin & Ryder gets a suspiciously high amount of Geauga County law work that should be done by the prosecutor’s office, and would be, if Prosecutor James Flaiz was not so inept.

4 thoughts on “Geauga Sheriff Hildenbrand “LIKES” Himself When Mislabeled as a Veteran

  1. Oh my God this guy is a total loser! I thought he was the Fire Chief of Newbury or Hambden, what is going on?

  2. I never voted for Scott. I remember the Geauga Fair the first time he ran and over the loud speaker, all weekend, the nasally guy was saying, “Handpicked by Dan McClelland, HANDPICKED BY DAN MCLELLAND….”.
    I never voted for that weasel Dan either, what a phony he was….,
    I’m not surprised that Scott would do this, this comes as no surprise.

  3. We will have a choice in the Primary in the Spring. Jimmy Lee Holden is going to be running against Hildenbrand. He has forty-three years of experience in law enforcement and isn’t a slug like Hildenbrand, who never shows up for work. Is it even legal that Hildenbrand is the fire chief in Hambden?

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