West Geauga Schools preparing for HUGE levy

By: Geauga Local

West Geauga School is going down the same path as Chardon Schools. They have neglected buildings in order to force residents to level all of the schools and then fleece us to pay for their ridiculous “Master Plan!”

At a recent meeting,  Superintendent Richard Markwardt began the West Geauga Schools Board of Education meeting by reminding the board and those in the audience “master planning is planning with a broad brush approach.”

“Essentially what it is, is a process whereby the facilities planning committee met to determine the status of our current facilities, to assess the needs related to those facilities and then to identify a means to meet those needs through upgrading of our facilities,” he added.

Allow me to translate the bullshit for you: they want to raise all of the school buildings and build new, high tech facilities because they feel the buildings are outdated and too costly to repair.

Just more BS, they are doing the same thing that the Chardon Schools tried to pull with their residents.

ENROLLMENT IS DOWN and declining.  If West Geauga Schools did not import students from Cuyahoga, Lake, Portage and other areas, they would have to close the schools.

It won’t work.  

They say it’s all about the children, but it’s really all about Superintendent Richard Markwardt’s salary.  He is the highest paid Superintendent in Geauga County at $147,000/yr.

It’s time to send a message to the West Geauga Schools, we will not support their ridiculous levy to build all new schools.

Markwardt is a retire/rehire, sucking up tax dollars, and could not care less if residents are struggling to pay their property taxes.

It’s time, to send a message to the West Geauga Schools and the message is NO, WE DO NOT SUPPORT YOUR IDIOT MASTER PLAN.

One thought on “West Geauga Schools preparing for HUGE levy

  1. Forget Markwardt, that suck up Judge Terri Stupica was on the committee and she is at the bottom of this levy request. She would do anything for a vote, and selling us out is something she will very comfortable with, nothing new with her.

    There should be a list of the “residents” who were on the committee, we need to publish that list.

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