Chardon Petition to Remove Mike Hanlon as Superintendent Gains Traction

By: Craig L.

After the recent defeat of Issue 21 many Chardon School district residents rejoiced knowing that they would not be forced to take on an unimaginable debt they would be saddled with for 37 years.

It has become clear during the very contentious process that one thing is obvious: the school district has been allowed to fall into disrepair during the tenure of Mike Hanlon as Superintendent. Whether this was intentional to try and get Issue 21 passed or a result of neglectful mismanagement, the result remains the same.

Superintendent Hanlon and the Board of Education have spent the last 6 years allowing the district to fall apart.

Please join me an 83 other supporters who have signed a petition demanding Mr. Hanlon resign or be terminated by the board. The final tally and petition will be presented to the board of education on November 18th.

2 thoughts on “Chardon Petition to Remove Mike Hanlon as Superintendent Gains Traction

  1. Keep on truckin Craig L.! Keep those signatures rollin in! Nice to see others active against corruption and stupidity in government! Too much apathy and laziness out there!

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