Chardon Issue 21 Superintendent Hanlon should resign!

By: Chardon Resident

Superintendent Hanlon said, “Our facilities are failing our children.”  Not at all…,  Michael Hanlon is failing our children and the community and he should dust up his resume.  Sad for him, he won’t find that anyone will pay him the bloated and gloated salary he receives here in Chardon.

And for all of those supporters who worked so hard, who is stopping them from donating what they would have paid if the bond issue passed?  Hypocrites!  If they really cared, they would pony up.

No Mr. Hanlon, you failed.  Get a mop and a broom or a paint brush and start doing the basic maintenance, that’s all that’s needed….

You let the schools go so you could dramatize the issue, and now your issue failed.

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