Chardon School Issue 21 Down In Flames!!!!

Bye Bye

BY: Sleeping Lion

Hooraaaay!! Glad to see there were enough people in Chardon having some common sense, sending a decisive message to Ph.D. Dummy Hanlon and the “yes” people on the school board that they need to get off their lazy asses to think and work smarter instead of always having their hands out. Do a better job or get out! Many thanks to all of you!!

This race was by no means close. The school board and their supporters got trounced good. They lost by 1034 votes. 3514 votes “for” and 4548 votes “against”. The scary thing is , there are 3514 misguided, ignorant Chardon people out there who are willing to give Hanlon and the school board anything they want, at our expense, sweat, and labor. We know how you operate, that you will be back some time later for another money grab. WE WILL BE WAITING!

Thanks to Joe Lloyd. I think he was instrumental in helping to educate people on Issue 21. It’s too bad he did not make it on the school board. Joe would have been a great asset for the community. Remember his name for I’m sure he will run again.

7 thoughts on “Chardon School Issue 21 Down In Flames!!!!

  1. The bigger question that now needs to be addressed is the failure of Mike Hanlon as superintendent. His failure to manage budgets, repair the school, and create a common sense levy shows he is unfit to serve in his current capacity. All please reach out to the board of education for a vote on his termination.

  2. Hanlon’s last job was as Superintendent of Painesville City Schools

    In a New-Herald article (Oct. 12, 2012): “Painesville City Schools Superintendent Michael P. Hanlon has announced his intent to retire in 2013. Hanlon this week said he would be able to spend more time with his family and explore other career opportunities by retiring from the district. Hanlon has served the district for 18 years, 15 of which were spent as superintendent.”

    Riverside Junior/Senior high students had a 60% proficiency in reading and 55% in math. And that’s who the Board saw as the best candidate?

    Apparently, he misspoke about spending time with his family because he already had the Chardon gig lined up. Perhaps, he should have spent the time between Oct. and March 2013 improving his skills.

  3. What do Riverside stas have to do with anything? I thoight this was a discussion about Chardon schools?
    Hanlon never worked at Riverside….???
    Your post makes no sense.

  4. According to the News-Herald (Oct. 12, 2012), Hanlon was the superintendent in Painesville for fifteen years immediately prior to him taking the job in Chardon. Riverside is part of the Painesville school district.

  5. Actually Riverside is its own district with its own superintendent separate from Painesville City.

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