Chardon Derangement Syndrome (CDS)

By: Mary G.

Hah! Those with CDS tried to shove a 37-year levy (phase I) down our throats with their lies. Pointing at a water stained ceiling tile to convince voters that we needed to spend $76 million on a whole new school campus didn’t work.

Here’s an idea: fix the roof and put up a new tile. The school system has been deferring repairs and maintenance in an effort to convince voters that we need new buildings. Lies never work. Chardon voters are smarter than that. We could smell a scam (and a raise for administrators) in the offing.

It’s time to hire the roofers, buy some paint and repair the schools. And if the snowflakes don’t have air conditioning in their classrooms? Tough. None of us did, either. And, yet, here we are.

Attendance is declining. We didn’t need a monument to satisfy the egos of the superintendent or the school board.

I’ll bet the architects are more disappointed that the CDS parents, though. They just lost a BIG piece of the pie.

7 thoughts on “Chardon Derangement Syndrome (CDS)

  1. I’m happily surprised this debacle failed. The campaign was apparently well funded and well organized. Who were the magnanimous contributors? How much work was done by CSD employees on CSD time? The vote no organization needs to keep stirring the pot. This is not the last time taxpayers are going to be seeing this issue. As usual they are going to try to wear the opposition down and shove it down our throats again. Probably sooner than later.

  2. There is motive for this bond issue, and I feel it’s personal. We do not have the student population to justify the complete demolition and rebuild of all of our schools.

    The problem is…, a few over the top Rah Rah Chardon moms get upset when they go to Kenston and they want what Kenston has… Forget about it, it’s not going to happen.

    This idiotic “Now is the Time, the plan is right?” mantra was terrible, embarrassing. Get your money back for this public relations debacle and fix the rain stains on your ceilings.

  3. The administrators (expecting raises) and the architects (who usually get 7% of the cost of a project) were foaming at the mouth for the money they were going to get.

    Let the Rah Rah CDS moms send their kids to Kenston.

    They will try to force this issue again. The slogan was pathetic. Did they run a contest for the students and pick the best one?

  4. This petition should be placed under “Publish an Article” at the top of the page. I signed and donated $20. That’s a lot less than would be added to my tax bill.

  5. Who did you donate money to? This isn’t a go fund me, it’s a petition. You better keep an eye on your bank or credit card statements.

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