Issue 21 is a cover up negligence!

By: Chardon Resident

Of course the Chardon School Board wants millions of dollars for new buildings, they have stood by while the current buildings and properties have been neglected.

What were they doing to upkeep the buildings?  Apparently, they weren’t too worried about the safety of our children as they were negligent with upkeep and upgrades, and now they just want to tear it all down and a have a “DO OVER”.  

Well, the “do over” is going to cost the tax payers everything, for some, it will cost them their homes.  Residents are already talking about leaving because of the potential tax increases proposed on the November 3, 2019 ballot.

There is a mental health levy to fund the disgusting salary for retire/rehire Jim Adams.

There is a Metzenbaum levy to fund the highest paid salary on the Geauga County budget for Don Rice.  And who is running for school board?  Don Rice’s wife is partnering with public trough feeder David Lair.  

Of course they want us to pass all of these taxes, it’s nothing more than the lining of their pockets, with our hard earned monies.

And Issue 21 is just a cover up and “do over” for the negligence of the Chardon School district.


2 thoughts on “Issue 21 is a cover up negligence!

  1. I’m voting NO on everything, even the renewals. I cannot support the abuse of tax monies any longer…

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