Protect us From Protect Geauga Parks Villa Mir!

By: Chardon Resident

I love my community, it’s a wonderful place to live, sans the upcoming school bond debacle…

But my neighbors have this incredibly ugly and ignorant sign up, and it just kills the landscape.  We don’t need to protect Geauga Parks, we need protection from the protect geauga parks.  If you really support conservation, why the ugly signs?  All year round!!!  

Every day I drive Rt. 6 to go to work, to shop, etc., and we have magnificent trees…, century old oaks, witch hazel trees that are just incredible, beautiful cedars, etc., and then you get to Villa Mir and see their political sign, and it ruins the landscape..

It’s bad enough that we have to have all of these signs up for the upcoming elections, now we have this odd group promoting something that is simply incongruous with their own purporter mission?

Protect Geauga Parks?  NO!  Protect our green landscapes from Protect Geauga Parks.

Villa Mir, your ugly and intrusive sign is an affront to conservation efforts.

6 thoughts on “Protect us From Protect Geauga Parks Villa Mir!

  1. I think the signs are paid for by the Geauga Park District? Not sure, but the Park District is spending way too much money and now they are asking for another levy.

  2. Oh my God, thank God for this post, I agree. I see those signs in different areas and they are SO STUPID! The signs should actually read, “Someone stupid lives here…, warning, warning.”

    Yes, there are too many signs and especially too many “stupid” signs.

  3. The park district spends too much taxpayer money making fancy bathrooms in all these little parks!!! They need to just leave the old fashion out houses like they used to have in parks. It’s crazy how they pay people to plow paths in the parks in the winter. I think the parks get more tax money then The library and the Metzenbaum center. To me that is totally disgusting. Stop giving so much money to the parks system.

  4. Protect Geauga Parks is NOT a part of the Geauga County Park District. They are a private group who raise their own funds with the goal of protecting our county park district from Judge Tim Grendell. What is really ugly are all those Good Deed signs around town paid for with tax payer money with the real purpose of advertising Grendells name.

  5. Protect us from Protect Geauga Parks! We need protection from these loons!

    Protect Geauga Parks members are scathing liberals, Obama supporters, they hate everyone who disagrees with them. I have neighbors who are members of Protect and they are cheap and hateful people! No protection is needed from the Judge, we need protection from this dangerous group who are upset because they cannot use the Park District as their private playground!

    Bob McCullough prostituted our tax dollars and overpaid our neighbor Jim Patterson for his land, and then allowed him to keep the best part of the property and he charged us Seniors a lot of money to use his facilities.

    Bob McCullough paid the Leeches $12,000 per acre for SWAMP LAND!

    Protect us from the dangerous Protect Geauga Parks!

  6. I do not know the Protect Geauga Parks coalition, nor Judge Grendell, but I do live in Russell and when our park issue came up, the Protect Geauga Park members offered to serve on the board. There were “rolled eyes” all around. I’ve never seen anything like it, when the meeting was over there was talk about that group and it was most unpleasant.

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