By: Mary G.

Issue 21 should be called the “Death Levy.” Most people over the age of fifty in Geauga County will be dead before the 37 year levy ends. Yes, the levy runs for 37 years so the schools can spend $76 million.

My children are getting a good education in Chardon. They don’t need a new campus. All that is necessary is good teachers and administrators who stay out of the way.

If the administrators can’t make things work on the budget they are already allotted, they need to update their resumes and move on.

20 thoughts on “CHARDON ISSUE 21 – “THE DEATH LEVY”

  1. The truth stings. One or two people had to spend a lot of time going back to this story to post so many down votes. People cannot handle the truth. It should be called the “Death Levy.” If it passes, it will still take money out of the pockets of the dead, since we pay our property taxes the year after they are due.

  2. You pay taxes in arrears. So when you die, yes, your estate will owe for what you already used. I’m sure a credit card company or bank will want their money as well when you croak.

  3. Actually, a bank will want all the money they are owed whether you’re alive or not. When someone dies, the bank just doesn’t forgive the mortgage. They want their money or they take the house. The county will just want what they are owed when you own the property. You or your estate sells the property, you don’t owe them any longer.

  4. To Anonymous:
    I’m sorry but your point is ridiculous. Not even comparing apples to apples. A bank loan is something a person CHOOSES to do and affects only them. Excessive, unnecessary taxes affect the whole community causing more foreclosures, making it unaffordable for the elderly and some middle income people to continue living in their homes that many have lived in most of their lives. Get it?

  5. Your brain is sleepy, Sleeping Lion. Too much red meat isn’t good for you. My point makes perfect sense and applies here. This bond and others will not affect dead people whose estates are no longer associated with them and have been sold. That’s what was being discussed. The new alive people who choose to purchase the property and know what they are getting into then become responsible for the taxes. ROAR!

  6. If someone buys a house in July, they may not know that new levies are going to go into effect the following year. Is a realtor going to warn them? NO.

  7. Anonymous says: Your brain is sleepy.

    Thanks for the dietary advice Anonymous. LOL! In my opinion I think you missed the point of what Mary G. was saying. To me it was not about how this affects dead people but stressing the longevity of it having consequences on their children who may inherit the house or stay living in it. Also because taxes may keep going up because of all the dummies voting for them, people may not get as much when trying so sell or may have a harder time selling. This not needed insane levy will have ramifications for 37 years that we may not even realize right now.

  8. Vote yes for issue 21. Good for the kids. Good for the community. And good for you. New Schools mean your house is worth more. The pay back will be more than expected. YES.

  9. To: Vote yes,

    You sound like you are just repeating a montra of the pro Issue 21 people. Your words are empty. You do not give solid facts and reasons why Issue 21 is “good for the kids, good for the community, and good for me.” New schools do not mean your house is worth more. It means your community is further in debt. The building does not increase the value of your home. The high rating of the school accomplishes that through excellent teachers and curriculum. The Shaker Heights school system is a great example and the buildings are much older than Chardon. It is a blue ribbon system highly acclaimed and sought after thruout the country. See this post for more details: Chardon School Issue 21 SCAM!!! Orange High School which serves Pepper Pike, Hunting Valley, Woodmere, Orange, and Moreland Hills, was built in 1924, another great example and so many more across the country. Why don’t you do some research before making empty statements SO YOU DON’T LOOK LIKE AN AIRHEAD?

  10. Is it true that the Chardon Schools have a drug and bullying problem? You should take care of that before you waste a dime on ridiculous palace upgrades.

  11. Anonymous, I personally don’t know about that but have heard rumors of that nature from several different sources. As a rule, when you hear the same thing from different sources there is usually some truth to it. If that be the case, I agree with you.

  12. The key to all of this is get out and VOTE NO on all levy issues. Its time we send a message to the school board and city. If you cannot be fiscally responsible then you get no more money.

  13. My neighbor has an Issue 21 sign, but told me that he only put it up because of pressure and intimidation. He is afraid for his son who attends Chardon.

    He is voting against Issue 21.

  14. Actually, I am not from the “no” side, I simply do not spend money I do not have…, like Pete and the other school board members.

  15. Well, I had a good laugh! It’s more like, “good for the contractors, planning staff and tradesman” who are related to the bozo Chardon School administration. This is nothing but a money grab, ask all of the realtors on the board.

  16. Last I saw Issue 21 hasn’t been voted on and no money has been spent.

  17. I’d like you site some evidence of new school facilities increasing home prices. I’ll give you a starting point; Painesville City Schools. How has Painesville Harvey affected home valuation? As a co-project how has Harvey affected the academic stats of it’s students in the decade since it opened?

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