Issue 21- New Lies

By: Chardonite

Chardon Schools Just mailed out its “Openlines.” It should be called “Openlies.”

BIG LIE: “The State of Ohio reviewed our buildings and concluded they are beyond repair and no longer suited for today’s education.” 

Not a word about them being unsafe. The state would shut the schools down if they were unsafe. If we can fix up old houses, we can fix up old schools and for a lot less than $76 million that will be charged to taxpayers for the next thirty-seven years. We don’t need a new football stadium or track, either.

The superintendent and school board members want to see their names on a plaque. Whoever thought it a good idea to build the monstrosity we call a jail. It has a marble-floored lobby that is bigger than many homes in Geauga. Let’s not make another horrible money decision like was done there.

The truth is the schools ranked in the top 10% in education in the State of Ohio for the third year in a row. How did they manage to do that? The power is in the educators, not the brick and mortar.

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  1. “Not a word about them being unsafe.”
    CLARIFICATION: This is because the schools all pass inspections and meet MINIMUM safety, fire, and security measures otherwise they would not be allowed to open their doors to the public. However, that does not mean our community and District cannot do much, much better than “minimum” for our kids.
    The fact is the safety, fire, and security systems ARE outdated and that today’s buildings ARe constructed much differently than buildings of the 1950s.

    “If we can fix up old houses, we can fix up old schools.”
    CORRECTION: You cannot compare a residential home to a high-traffic commercial facility such as a school. At 68 years, the high school has far outlasted its expected lifespan, and that has been a direct result of careful maintenance.

    “We don’t need a new football stadium or track, either.”
    CORRECTION/CLARIFICATION: The plan outlined by Bond Issue 21 does NOT involve the construction of a “new football stadium”. The District has chosen this plan because it involves the relocation of the athletic track from its current location TO the current stadium location so that the current location of the athletic track can be freed up for facility construction.

    This is actually a measure to SAVE taxpayers’ dollars. Oftentimes Districts have to invest in costly trailer units to house students while the new building is being constructed (a several-year process) on the current site. They pay on rental of the trailer units for years AND on utilities for the units.

    Rather than invest money in temporary trailers (which would not be an investment but a money throw-away), the District has outlined a plan to build the new facility on-site so that students can continue on in the current high school building until the new one is completed.

  2. There is not a new stadium in Phase I nor is there a new stadium in Phase II.

    A small part of Phase I involves relocating the athletic track to the stadium to free up space for the facility construction site. Again, this is to enable on-site construction, saving from the expense of unsightly and expensive trailers.

    The design phase for the 6-12 building takes approximately 16 months (before facility construction would begin).
    During that design phase time period, the track is moved to the stadium and the following needed renovations are made to the current 20-year old stadium:

    1) bleachers are made ADA accessible (they currently are not)
    2) 9 year old turf is replaced (average lifespan of turf is 8-10 years–at 9 yrs it needs to be replaced for safety reasons)
    3) scoreboard is replaced (it’s 20 yrs old and replacement parts are no longer available for it)
    4) restrooms are added to stadium (currently there are none)
    5) locker rooms are added to stadium (currently there are none)

    Of interest, the current 20 year old stadium was never completed as intended. A group of philanthropic community members privately funded the stadium 20 years ago.

    Unfortunately, those funds ran out before the stadium was 100% completed. At least some of the current seating at the stadium is still temporary seating. Permanent seating could not be completed because the private funds ran out.

    And 20 years later, my viewpoint is we are overdue in owing it to our community to provide ADA accessible seating. While I personally do not require ADA accessibility, I can’t imagine wanting to attend an event and being unable to because of a medical challenge that could be accommodated.

    Having restrooms will further accommodate the community and eliminate the ongoing expense (per event) of portable toilets.

    Locker rooms are long overdue as well.

    And the scoreboard and turf replacements are simply due.

    I would rather see my tax dollars spent on needed stadium renovations that will last for many, many years than see the District throw taxpayer money at temporary classroom trailer rentals.

    Stadium work is a small part of the Bond Issue 21 plan. And it is needed work.

    The primary focus of Bond Issue 21 is a 6-12 school (essentially 2 schools: 6-8 wing and 9-12 wing) that will provide a safer, more functional, and appropriate learning environment for our community’s students.

    Believe me, I don’t get excited about a tax increase. But I value the end result for our students and our community more than I do an extra $45/month.

  3. A public school system is just what its name implies – a school system supported by the public.

    An anti-tax perspective on everything is an anti-community perspective.

    I do not support an anti-community/life-should-be-all-about-me perspective.

    We live in a society.

    I support our community, including the schools.


    You can spew all the same B.S. that all the other misguided supporters do but that just what it is, B.S. People, including myself are fed up with all these government agencies sucking more and more money out of us instead of being fiscally responsible. It is never ending. They always come back for more cuz it’s easier.

    YOUR COMMENTS: “An anti-tax perspective on everything is an anti-community perspective. I do not support an anti-community/life-should-be-all-about-me perspective. We live in a society.”

    Your comments are geared to make people feel guilty and shaming for not supporting unreasonable, excessive taxes. Tell that to the people who participated in THE BOSTON TEA PARTY!! Those people were Patriots!!
    YOU do not live in a society. YOU live in Disneyland. Personally, I think you are soooooo full of shit!

  5. Yes, we live in a society, not a welfare state. You are anti-community by pushing out those of us who have fixed incomes.

    You want us to support your luxury demands.

    You don’t support your community, you are supporting your husband’s exorbitant salary and benefits.

    NO, I am voting N-O!

  6. Supreme Court ruled 4 times school funding thru property taxes is ILLEGAL!!! This means you & ( socialists) never own your home& property.

  7. Supreme Court ruled 4 times school funding thru property taxes is ILLEGAL!!! This means you & ( socialists) never own your home& property.

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