Chardon School Issue 21 SCAM!!!

By: Sleeping Lion

I was at a Chardon school board meeting a while back listening to Superintendent Dr. Michael Hanlon Ph.D. explaining the reason we need a new $76,000,000 high school is so the kids can get a better education and without this new building and all the high tech amenities they will fall behind. All the yes people on the board followed suit…of course. 

Hanlon stated we need to get Issue 21 passed right now as the next State Assessment will show enrollment is down and State funding will be cut. He said THE TIME IS NOW, WE WILL NEVER HAVE ANOTHER CHANCE LIKE THIS AGAIN!  They instill guilt and fear by saying “It’s For The Kids”, “They Will Suffer And Lose Programs”. BULLSHIT! Usually when levies keep getting passed by ignorant voters, the money goes to higher salaries, perks, and more hires. Do you think in the next 37 years no more levies will be placed? All these levies are causing a higher foreclosure rate and driving the elderly out of their homes they lived in all their lives. 

If enrollment is down why do we need a new high school. Consolidate! Issue 21 is totally unnecessary, a horrible burden to all of us and our children who graduate and can still afford to live here lasting 37 years.

So I’m thinking to myself….this guy Hanlon has a Ph.D. after his name  but a Phd. in what? It couldn’t be business because he sounds like a real dummy! He thinks that a new building will increase the intelligence of our kids. Ha, ha, ha! It’s so funny it’s sad! Great teachers and programs create excellence, not brick and mortar!

Some of the lame reasons given by Hanlon and the school board as to why we need a new high school: *The building is old – *It will need a new roof – *It needs this repair, that repair, etc. 

IF YOUR HOUSE NEEDED A NEW ROOF WOULD YOU TEAR IT DOWN AND BUILD A NEW ONE? What about all the nice century homes in Geauga, should they all be torn down?

Most of these government office holders all have the same mentality. After they mismanage, misspend, steal, pad the payroll with friends and family and run low on money, their solution is, TAX THE PEOPLE MORE! They have NO business sense, entrepreneurship, creativity, common sense. I don’t know about you but I’m very tired of this.


Mr. Ph.D. Dummy Hanlon has bought in to the slick marketing tactics of all the high tech companies that made billions selling computers and programs to our schools. BUT GUESS WHAT! All these Silicon Valley gurus that own Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc., send their kids to TECH FREE (no computers) special schools. Why do you think? Because they know what they sell impedes the learning process. Read about these schools at:

Examples of some local, very old and very highly rated blue ribbon schools state wide and nationally still going strong:

Founded in 1876, Hathaway Brown School moved to its current location in Shaker Heights in 1927. That school is 93 years old.

Since the construction of its first school building over 90 years ago, the Shaker Heights City School District has blossomed into one of the finest public school systems in the country. Families from all over the United States—and from all over the world—continue to seek out the Shaker Heights community because of its outstanding schools. 

Shaker Heights began operating its own school system in 1910. Boulevard Elementary (1914) is the oldest building in the district; Shaker Heights Middle School (1957) (formerly known as Byron Junior High School) is the newest. The average age of buildings currently in use is 73 years. 

Laurel School, a private school for girls, opened in September 1928 on Lyman Circle in Shaker Heights. The building is 91 years old. 

Saint Ignatius High School original structure, completed in 1891, a designated Cleveland Historic Landmark, is 128 years old.


18 thoughts on “Chardon School Issue 21 SCAM!!!

  1. The Chardon school board members are out of line! Enrollment is down, way down and going lower.

  2. I live in Chardon Twp. And I agree with you whole heartedly! They asked for school money last year in 2018 and won after it had failed the following year (if my recollection is correct). There’s enough of all those issue 21 signs all over the city to start a community bonfire. I looked at my tax statement and the schools are getting $1702.04 for just first half of my tax bill. They are the most expensive tax distribution over and beyond Children Services $42.34, Metzenbaum center $53.96, and even the library $8.47!!!!! I have given schools money till I’m blue in the face. My tax contributions show that I have supported and given my share. By the way, do you know where to get signs that say, “the time is now 21” it should really say
    “THE TIME IS NEVER 21!!! Thanks for listening and for this opportunity to vent my frustrations.

  3. I’m completely with you Linda! This is a HORRIBLE scam perpetrated upon us by the incompetent, delusional Chardon School Board. I think it highly detestable how they use our children to get more money from us! They play upon our emotions and pimp our children. PARENTS SHOULD BE OUTRAGED!! It’s not the building that makes a school great, it’s great teachers and curriculums. The examples in the above main story are just a few of many. I consider this to be a major ABUSE to the residents, especially retirees and elderly, that will last for 37 years. WE DO NOT NEED A NEW BUILDING!!
    Linda, I don’t know how you found this site, I just found it recently, I think it’s fairly new. It’s a great site to express your feelings and get the truth out! We need to tell all our friends about it and DEFEAT ISSUE 21!

  4. I made an argument similar to sleeping lion concerning the premier schools in the area operating out of hundred year old buildings. Granted they are more picturesque than most of Chardon’s buildings but that is not the point. I’ve been ranting on Nextdoor and just stumbled on this site. Check out Nextdoor, some interesting commentary.

  5. Thanks for the input on my article Anonymous. I recently found this site myself and love it! There is no sign up or asking of information from you and it’s totally private. I think this site will be huge in no time and plan to be a regular contributor to it. It’s very encouraging to see people with common sense like you and Linda Kadis contribute and voice your opinion. Please share this site with all your friends and family where they can get good information and we WILL defeat Issue 21!

  6. Those private schools have huge endowments.
    Hathaway Brown: $60M
    University School: $75M
    Laurel: $50M
    St Ignatius: at least $25M, they were trying to get to $75M

    Shaker Heights tried to get a 5.1 mill bond for their buildings in 2017 but instead had to pass a 2.5 mill one instead because voters there were probably ornery too. Sounds like their old stately buildings are in need of some lovin.

  7. Where are you getting your info Anonymous? All the places you mentioned have super high taxes. Geauga is country, it is not a Shaker Heights. Alot of people form these suburbs are moving to Geauga to get away and they are bringing their suburban mentality with them which in time will escalate our taxes. Do you want Geauga to become a Shaker Heights? I DON’T. If that happens I will move. This is not about voters being “ornery”. Things seem to be getting out of control. As any building ages (homes or commercial) they need to be maintained with repairs occasionally. Just common sense.

  8. Sleeping Lion, those are schools you mentioned that have old buildings, older than Chardon. I merely stated that they have huge endowments to draw on that public school districts do not. Those numbers are easily found online.

  9. Anonymous, thanks for the info, good point, but Shaker and Orange school systems are public not private. Two very good examples. Also, I’m not clear….are you for or against Issue 21?

  10. The best thing is to get out and VOTE NO. I recommend those of you tired of taxes visit

  11. TO ED:
    Ooooh, what a great comment Ed! How exciting and informative. Is that all you’ve got? Hope to hear from you soon. NOT!!

  12. With finely articulated language such as “Mr. Ph.D. Dummy Hanlon” and so many other erudite comments you have certainly elevated this discourse to a sophisticated level. Now, people can come together and have a reasonable discussion with constructive comments from various perspectives, respecting one another and setting the example of high-minded communication for future generations. Thank you.


    Are you a human or robot? Anyway, yes, I described Superintendent Hanlon as “Mr. Ph.D. Dummy Hanlon”. It has been my observation that most (not all) of your fellow “sophisticates” with Ph.D.’s have no business sense or common sense. A lot of them can’t even change a flat tire. They are more concerned about pushing their liberal crazy agendas on other people. I am not a sophisticate like you, nor politically correct. One of the reasons I come to this site is that it doesn’t interfere with my First Amendment right of free speech and I can express myself how I want….AND NOT AS YOU WANT ME TO. It says right on this site that it is “un edited” and “un censored”. If people call someone a name that, in there opinion, is befitting and descriptive of that person, that is called freedom of speech and I think DUMMY is a good word for Hanlon and his crazy, unreasonable ideas. Oh, and by the way Local Human, I consider you a threat to our First Amendment.

  14. It appears to me that the “sophisticates” are sidetracking from the real issues. I don’t want to hear their endless parade of the ego, put up or shut up.

    I’m voting against Issue 21, and all issues.

  15. Sleeping Lion, in your writing you sound like a thoughtful, reasonable, healthy, emotionally balanced person, and not in any way toxic or partially unhinged. Thank you for arguing for your right of free speech while also seeming to argue against mine.

  16. Wow. You are so clever with your use of multisyllabic words. Do you wear a pink pussy hat?

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