“Taxes, Taxes and More Taxes”

By: Susan Daniels

Vote “No” on Issues 21, 22, 23, 24.


Issue 21: You will be taxed for thirty-seven (37) years (for Phase 1 of the project) and it will cost $76 Million dollars to build an entirely new school campus. The insanity of building it for a dwindling school population is breathtaking. Many students will be home schooled in far less time than that because of the indoctrination that is being done now in all schools. Chardon schools score high in state tests and if the schools need repair, run a five year levy to raise an adequate amount of money to repair the buildings. Thirty-seven years? Is the school board and superintendent so eager to get their names on a plaque that they will hang us out to dry for thirty-seven years?

Issue 22: This is for a five-year levy for Mental Health services. It will actually help give an annual $5,500 raise, with a new five-year contract, to Director Jim Adams. He is currently getting his pension (for retiring from the same job), he was rehired and is now going to double-dip with a guaranteed $5,500 raise for five more years, taking his salary to $138,000, plus an additional 30% in benefits. We also have to pay for his use of a personal car, a $250,000 insurance policy and extra vacation time. He is a classic snake-oil salesman, with a bad toupee, who charmed the elderly ladies on the mental health Board to give him everything but the store.

Issue 23: This issue for parks and recreation runs for twenty (20) years. Stop all the frivolous spending and insanity in this county. The parks already have all the money they need. They need to learn how to live within their budgets, like the rest of us do and stop making bad deals like they did with Wicked Woods, an overpriced, failing golf course that has a non-working and uninspected septic system. If memory serves, we paid $12 million for it.

Issue 24: Metzenbaum Center is decreasing their programs and wants us to vote for a continuing levy (which means it never ends). Metzenbaum passed a levy several years ago and needs to stop playing on the emotions of the voters to pass levies. Make Metzenbaum live within its budget, which will include taxes we voted for through the end of 2020. If they cannot budget, they need to find grants available to them, join forces with another agency or close up shop.

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