Taxed to death in Auburn Township

By: Amy Gentillie

Auburn Zoning is considering the issuance of a change in zoning that would permit the construction of 110 dwelling units in 9 buildings on the southeast corner of Routes 44 and 422 by Redwood Apartment Neighborhoods with monthly rent of $1600-$2400, depending on amenities.


The worst thing you could do is to bring a bunch of rental units to any community.  Rental high rises destroyed the City of Euclid!

If these potential “renters” can afford $2,400 per month for rent, they should be able to buy a home.  Of course our taxes in Auburn Township have skyrocketed and we are seeing a high turnover of residents.  As soon as residents’ children graduate from Kenston, people move.

But to bring rental to Auburn Township is a huge mistake. 

Renters are not invested in their community and God only knows how many units will be set aside for “low income” renters.  We do not need low income/affordable housing imposed on our community.  

The Auburn Trustees are jerks, on a good day.

2 thoughts on “Taxed to death in Auburn Township

  1. Renters are the people who force high property taxes down the rest of our throats. Renters vote “yes” on every issue and it doesn’t cost them a penny in taxes. The worst thing that can happen is rental properties. Increased taxes prevent property owners from maintaining what they own. Go look at the inner city of Cleveland to see what eventually happens when renters take over.

    All politicians are jerks.

  2. Renters do pay and they should know better than vote yes for property tax levies. As a landlord who pays property tax on my units if a levy passes I pass that right back to the renter with higher rental rates. vote no on all new levies.

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