Chardon Issue 21, Now is NOT the time….

By: Chardon Resident

Issue 21 Now is NOT the Time!

The Chardon Schools bond issue signs are telling us that now is the time to vote for this huge bond levy.  The truth is, they are just trying to protect their salaries and benefits because enrollment is down, and they will be losing funding.

They think if they can con the residents into believing that it’s “now or never” that people will vote for this ridiculous plan.

One of the board members thought he was clever and stated that our school was built during the “Truman” administration and that the building is 80 years old.  The truth is, no matter how much they spend, they will be lucky if any new construction will last 10-20 years!

The Chardon School district wants to build a Taj Mahal to rival Kenston.  I don’t want to be in the bind that the Kenston school residents are in…, i.e., the highest taxes in Geauga County.

This is nothing more than a group of glad-handing  school board members and a bunch of below average realtors who are trying to drum up business.

We do not need high-tech schools, that will do absolutely nothing to enhance learning, but more to the point it will inhibit education.  These children cannot think for themselves as it is, why coddle them with expensive, over the top decorated buildings that will tax residents out of their homes?

Chardon schools should close and merge with Kenston, then they will have the fancy building they are dreaming of…..

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