By: Susan Daniels

THE LIES THEY TELL. At a recent school Q & A, attendees were told that they would be taxed an additional $15.50 per $100,000 house. But what they forgot to mention is that it is really an extra $15.50/mo. If you own a $100,000 house, your taxes will increase by $186 a year; a $300,000 house, expect your tax bill to increase $558 per year, or $20,696 for the thirty-seven years the issue will be in effective. And if you think they won’t come back for more money in between, you are sadly mistaken.

We have a declining school population. We don’t need a $76 million monstrosity built to satisfy the egos of the superintendent or school board so their names can go on a plaque.

ALSO, this is just one of four money issues on the ballot in November. There is a parks levy that will last twenty years.



Chardon Superintendent Michael Hanlon has a plan to rake Chardon residents over the coals for the next thirty-seven years at a cost of $76 million to build a monument to himself and the school board. You read that right. Thirty-seven years. In twenty years all kids will be home schooled because of the hideous perversions that teachers are now trying to infect our children with.

It has started in CA and will spread across the country like a virus. Multiple genders? Boys running track because they claim they identify as girls. Drag queens teaching how good it is to be queer. Screwed up pronouns and fines for misusing them. It’s all eventually coming to Chardon. Fasten your seatbelts.

Hanlon mentions a new football field and track. I think he has track envy because Cardinal schools just installed a new “red” track. Why can’t Chardon have one, too, he wonders. He does everything but whine as he told how another school system was spending $120 million for “half the grades and twice the cost of Chardon’s plan.” Does he think we need to keep up with the Joneses?

Hanlon seems to think that because a school is sixty-eight years old it is beyond redemption. If that was a school in Europe, it would be considered a new building. Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, was founded in 1592; closer to home Harvard College was built in 1636. Both schools are still accepting students and the buildings are still standing.

If he thinks it is disturbing that people can look over the tops of the doors of the bathroom stalls because the school was originally built as an elementary school, hang up a sign to tell the perverts to stop doing that. Or raise the doors.

The educators are trying to instill fear into students about their safety. If someone means them harm, they could wait outside to attack them.

We don’t need all the bells and whistles that Hanlon wants. Chardon Mayor Jeff Smock is full of it when he says that that spending all that money will attract new businesses and families. 

Geauga County is already the second richest county per-capita of the eighty-eight counties in OH. Let’s keep it that way by stop spending money so foolishly.

My taxes have increased in Chardon by 30% in twenty years. Several million dollars would be sufficient to add space and make repairs to existing Chardon schools. I would vote for that. 

I will NOT vote for the ripoff Issue 21.


  1. School systems and government need to learn to work within the budgets they have. It seems much easier for them to ask for more money instead of working within the generous budgets they have.

  2. Vote no on issue 21. Vote yes for Joe Loyd and Michael McDonad. Hanlon and Blankenship gotta go!

  3. Hanlon and all the Administrators JUST RECEIVED A RAISE, retroactive to August, yet we have children paying to play in sports, band, ect. Does this sound FAIR or a good use of taxpayer money when they are also asking for a 37 year bond issue? I think NOT. They will be coming at us again in the near future for another operating levy, remember the last one was a “continuing” levy which means it goes forever.
    Hold the BOE accountable for spending OUR money.
    Vote out the incumbents
    Vote NO on 21

  4. I am in complete agreement with every one of your comments. Why should the schools not be held to a budget like the rest of us are? The first things administrators do when a school levy passes is give themselves a raise. I watched that happened repeatedly in Kirtland when my children were in school there.

    I don’t know anything about Michael McDonald so I am going to cast only one vote and that is for Joe Loyd.

  5. Looks like the nuts who support Issue 21 are stacking the thumbs down icon above to try and discourage us. IT WON’T WORK!!!

  6. Have any of you actually been IN the school to witness how run down it actually is? To understand that the rooms are so hot in August that students actually pass out, that it was 97 degrees in the gym during the homecoming dance? I get that the taxes are tough to swallow, but this is not administration ego at work here…it’s truly about an adequate learning environment.

  7. Don’t know if it’s true or not but I heard that a certain school board candidate who most of us think is against Issue 21 actually supports it for the Chardon Schools. He has kids that are school aged and they will benefit from the new buildings big time. His public stance on the issue has been quiet on purpose. Hasn’t directly answered any specific questions on his Facebook page except general statements, doesn’t go to candidate nights, etc. He uses the Geauga GOATS page so he can anonymously say things that those of us opposed to the issue want to hear to gather support from the NO crowd to try to get elected. Once in, he plans on making sure the middle school and high school get built real nice so his kids won’t have to sit in what I heard, again not sure if true, he has said are the stinky, old run down classrooms in Chardon. Guess he doesn’t want wet ceiling tiles falling on their heads.

  8. Boo hoo hoo. The schools are hot in the summer. When many of us were young, the only place there was air conditioning was in movie theaters. Maybe if some of the youngsters were not so indulged on every level, they would be better prepared to face life as adults.

  9. To Anonymous:
    Please read Susan Daniels comment over and over until it sinks in. Adequate learning environment? PLEASE!! Before air conditioning was invented children were educated very well. They were tough, smart, and those generations were the ones that grew this country. These younger generations have become soft and sissies. They need to go to safe rooms and hug teddy bears when they are so easily offended. They need their service animal to comfort them when they feel distressed. Many of them are so mentally fragile that when someone on Facebook says not nice things about them they go home and commit suicide. The parents play a big role in this. They want their kids “to have it easier than they did” so they made life easier and spoiled them. The kids are lazy with no work ethic, don’t want to get their hands dirty, and feel they are owed a good life without working hard for it. SO PLEASE DON’T GIVE US ANY BULLSHIT ABOUT HOW HOT IT CAN GET!! Maybe the schools should spend money on air conditioned football uniforms so the guys don’t sweat on those hot days of practice. GOD help the future of this country! I know this is repetitious but, WE DON’T NEED NEW SCHOOL BUILDINGS THAT WILL HORRIBLY BURDEN OUR COMMUNITY FOR 37 YEARS!!!!!!

  10. There, there, oh sleepy one. Such anger coming out. You know that’s not healthy for you. I’m sure your little cubs wouldn’t want you to have an early heart attack or stroke. Breathe…….
    There’s a nice new yoga place in town that you should try.

  11. There, there, oh sleepy one. Such anger coming out. You know that’s not healthy for you. I’m sure your little cubs wouldn’t want you to have an early heart attack or stroke. Breathe…….
    There’s a nice new yoga place in town that you should try.

  12. Who keeps using my identification? I never wrote anything that starts with “There, there….”
    What kind of creep steals someones identification???

  13. To: Fake Susan Daniels – There, there, oh sleepy one.

    Why don’t you post some intelligent or informative remarks pertinent to the issue instead of stupid bullshit like that? By the way….sometimes if I need a babysitter for the cubs are you available?

  14. Have you also heard how the school board withheld funds already approved to make the schools intentionally look worse, have you heard how the school hired a consultant to get issue 21 passed, have you heard the school district hires an attorney every year to fight homeowners who counter their home value increases. Enough is Enough peddle the snake oil and doomsday predictions somewhere else. I hear Euclid has a nice new school I am sure your kids will do better there.

  15. Do you have proof of intentional neglect or withholding money? Probably not, it’s just a good sound bite for angry stupid people.
    Have you heard that the amount of money a school district gets from taxes does not increase when your property value increases? Look up HB 920. The schools only get what you voted. The county and city however get more when the property values go up, that’s why they rarely come to the voters for more. Or do they just budget better? What makes those elected citizens any better at budgeting than school board elected citizens? They’re all crooked to you.
    Have you heard that the consultant hired by the district was for collecting information from the community? They’re allowed to do that. The private citizens group pays for the rest.

  16. Or a good sound bite for name calling supporters, who are absolutely threatened by anyone who does not rubber stamp the theft of tax dollars………..

  17. Again, theft is a strong accusatory word. The no crowd sure does a lot of accusing with no facts or evidence of wrongdoing. Your opinion is against the bond. That’s fine. But when you start accusing decent people of crimes (theft and fraud in another message string), you are the ones that are going too far.

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