Ohio Election Day, St. Patrick’s Day Parade, or Charade?

By: Peter Panico

March 17, 2020 is shaping up to be a most memorable Ohio primary election or, due to excessive drinking, potentially the most forgettable election!  That’s right, I said excessive drinking…

The Ohio Legislature made the decision to hold the Ohio Primary on St. Patrick’s Day.  The reason for this maneuver is unclear.

They either wanted to spice up “boring old Election Day” with some drunken voting, or something a little more nefarious with the intention to suppress voter turnout.

Whatever the reason is, I think it’s safe to say, “Cheers” to a very bad decision.

Voter participation is already low enough, why add more fuel to that fire by mixing the two special events?  I would assume that most people would much rather kick back and enjoy a carefree celebration such as St. Paddy’s Day instead of voting for politicians who constantly let them down.  

Please know that this is not a political attack, this is simply a letter to a leprechaun begging him to save us from voter fraud!

If they want to ensure a great turnout, they are going to have to provide some incentives.  My proposal is that every voter be awarded with green beer and corned beef sandwiches, instead of that goofy, “I Voted Today” sticker.

With all these questions and concerns up in the air, we are left with one final question.  March 17, 2020, what is going to be at the end of the rainbow?  A pot of gold or a box full of ballots.  The choice is yours! Will you be voting?!

4 thoughts on “Ohio Election Day, St. Patrick’s Day Parade, or Charade?

  1. Primary election day was originally set for March 10, 2020 and in June the politicians changed it to March 17, 2020. There was no good reason except to cut down on the number of people who will come out to vote. Mr. Panico figured it out. They are trying to push tax levies down our throats. Make sure you vote NO on all levies.

  2. I have to ask if everyone at the Geauga Board of Elections is drinking as well…, they have to be crazy to allow this to happen. It’s all political, it’s just more swamp stuff.

  3. The Director of the Geauga County Board of Elections is Ed Ryder, is a lawyer in a Solon law firm. When have you ever seen a lawyer do an honest thing? They moved the date hoping that not as many people will show up to vote so they can shove the tax issues down our throats.

    How come we can no longer see the actual ballots on the Board of Elections site? Are they trying to hide the information about the issues? Vote NO on issues 21, 22, 23 & 24. Issue 21 runs for 37 years and issue 23 is for 20 years. They are trying to tax us out of our homes.

  4. Ryder’s law firm is one of the most hired outside firms for Geauga County. It is disgraceful.

    Yes, they don’t want us to see the ballots. Just remember, vote “NO” on every issue. The county has $100 million portfolio and continue to try to shake us down. We are the second richest county per capita of all 88 counties in Ohio.

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