Mentor Ohio Son Saves Father From Death

By: Peter Panico

Per an anonymous source a Mentor man was allegedly attacked by a stranger who broke into his house this past week.  The source also stated  the man’s son saved his life by intercepting the alleged attacker with a baseball bat.  I searched all over the news to find this story but no luck.  Has anyone heard about this incident since it took place in our own backyard?  If not, why isn’t this being reported if in fact it is true. 

Does anyone have anymore details why Mentor High School was closed on Friday?

3 thoughts on “Mentor Ohio Son Saves Father From Death

  1. I was aware of this story as well but did not read anything about it in the news. Maybe it is under investigation and for the safety of the parties involved they are keeping it quiet.

    By the way…I like this community blog. You guys need to get the word out about it. I just happen to come across it by accident. Great format ! 🙂

  2. Give your friends, neighbors and relatives the address:

    Let them learn about the things you will not seen posted anywhere or in the news.

  3. I think a lot of these cities like Mentor, Painesville ,Painesville Township are not reporting these crimes because it’s a bad rap for their city and they want people to continue to move there ,They need their tax money.

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