What happened with the A.D.P. Board?

By: Anne Beth

I never heard what happened to the guy who stole money from the I.T. department in Geauga County.  Can someone give us an update?  Was there a trial?

3 thoughts on “What happened with the A.D.P. Board?

  1. Stephen Decatur pled guilty but committed suicide before he could be sentenced.

    His boss, Auditor Frank Gliha, was charged with five misdemeanors and fined $250 for each one; he served no jail time. He is not allowed to run for public office for four years. That’s it. Even though Gliha admitted he allowed Decatur to award bids in excess of what he was allowed to do.

    Go to geaugcountyclerkofcourts.com and enter case # 18C000065. Look for the filing on 7-9-18 (Order and judgment). You can open the image and see for yourself.

  2. Wonder why Gliha got off so easily? His attorney was Todd Petersen, who is a “close” friend of Geauga County Prosector James Flaiz. Flaiz has a habit of going lightly on his friends. The “Good Old Boys Club’ feeds off of chronyism.

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