Concern about taxes, very concerned

By: Mary Wohlkens

Chardon has a school levy that is going to adversely affect our family, to the point, we may have to sell.  And there are 2-3 other levies on the ballot that appear to be county wide.  Are we the only ones who are concerned?  Anyone out there care to chime in?

2 thoughts on “Concern about taxes, very concerned

  1. People are not aware than this school levy is for 37 years. The administration wants to build a monument to itself with the $47 million the levy would raise. Vote “NO” on Issue 21.

    Vote “NO” on the Metzenbaum issue. The current levy on extends for another year and Metzenbaum is trying to get a “continuing” levy, which means there will never ba an end to it. Metzenbaum is going to close. Why are they trying to get more money from us?

    Vote “NO” on the Mental Health issue. Dir. Jim Adams is a retire/rehire (collecting a pension already) and the Board just awarded him a FIVE YEAR CONTRACT that increases his pay by $5,500 a year for five years. That will bring his pay to $138,000 a year (plus the pension he is already receiving). Another give away is his personal use of a car with us paying for gas.

    They are trying to tax is out of our homes.

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