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By: Geauga County Talks

This blog, being offered to the public, is unique in several ways. 

You have the opportunity to be a reporter or journalist just like in the newspapers and in a way have your own column by regular posting. People will see your blog name repeatedly and look forward to hearing what you have to say.


* You are allowed up to 600 words per post. 

* You can post here as often as you like without limitation

* Your name and e-mail address are NOT REQUIRED to post a story or make comments on a story. This blog does not care about collecting that kind of information or selling it. THE MAIN CONCERN HERE IS YOUR PRIVACY! When you submit a story or comment you may use your real name or a blog name. Your choice.

* What you submit will never be edited and your words will not be censored. It will be posted as is. Fee speech and self expression (including foul language) is respected here as long as you follow the stipulations above.

* All people and subject matter are welcome. 

Do you want to share good, bad, or fun experiences you have had on vacation, in restaurants, at fairs, community service, projects, etc.?

What about political corruption, government waste of your money, levies, problems with the school system, etc.?


9 thoughts on “Unique Blog

  1. Well Mary G., it would be nice to know the name of some Socialists or organizations you are referring to and if they are actually preventing free speech or just don’t want it, and how you know this. Just where is free speech being prevented or censored in some way in Geauga County? Basically, just why do you feel this way Mary G., I and probably others sincerely would like to know.

  2. To Joe Mersnik: Read the Chardon Maple Leaf. You won’t find a bad word about any of the rotten politicians in the county, the foolish ways money is spent or any “Letters to the Editor” that Harvard graduate (gag) editor, John Karlovec, doesn’t agree with. Good thing he inherited his father’s newspapers or he’d actually have to work for a living.

    If you don’t think censoring is going on in the county, you are not paying attention. Did you not notice all the down votes for a site where people can anonymously write anything they want???

  3. This is a very unique commentary site, our local papers do not cover these topics because they are afraid to lose ad money. And while people are not using their names, most of them, I.P. addresses are completely traceable.

  4. I like this site and have contributed to it. I see two issues that could use improvements:
    1- It would be nice to see one’s post immediately posted. I don’t know what causes the delay. Sometimes my post has totally disappeared without any explanation.
    2- It would be nice to be able to save work so that if a post disappears, one is not forced to re-compose thoughts.

  5. Who is Karlovec? Is it the same person as Karlovec Media Group? Harvard graduate running a newspaper business? That’s pretty neat.

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