Issue 21 will hurt seniors, especially!

By: Chardon Resident

I attended the Chardon School Board meeting and listened to individuals who stated that this ridiculous levy will put people out of their homes.  Many of the individuals who spoke said that they are retiring or newly retired, and this tax will hurt them financially.

Student enrollment is way down.  I don’t think they are even posting accurate enrollment numbers. Most recent available figures show fewer than 1,000 students in the high school.

The Director of the Department of Aging spoke and said that this levy will be hugely detrimental to seniors who have been on fixed incomes for years.  Everything is going up, i.e., food, gas, utilities, etc., but not as fast as the levies and bond issues in Chardon.

The egotistical school board just wants to put their name on a new building. That’s bull! They want us to pay $47 million dollars over a thirty-seven year period. By then, those of us who are still alive are going to be so disgusted with the school’s liberal and perverted curriculum that kids will be home schooled.

And the other issue is that there are too many realtors who have been elected as school board members.  The realtors want to close buildings and sell them, then facilitate the new purchases.   The next time I vote, I will ask the candidate, “Are you a realtor?”  And if they say, “Yes,” then they won’t get my vote.

3 thoughts on “Issue 21 will hurt seniors, especially!

  1. Correction. The total cost for this levy will exceed $100 million during 37 years. Wasteful spending, bad plan, school board should be fired. VOTE NO on all new levies 21, 22, 23, 24

  2. I would like to see how the money will be spent. $100,000,000 seems excessive. Are there really going to be new administrative buildings from this money?

  3. All the senior citizens on a fixed income are having a hard time paying their taxes twice a year. They have lived in their homes for decades and now have to worry am I going to have to leave my house that’s been paid off where will I go. This is a shame. I’m tired of seeing high schools trying to look like college campuses. Quit wasting taxpayer money.It’s not the school building that teaches children, it’s a good teacher and students willing to learn. Plus their report card was downgraded from an A to a B this year.

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