Judge Terri Stupica – Absentee Judge

By: NotreDame Fan

Judge Terri Stupica is campaigning, but I’m not sure for what; she is already a judge in Chardon Municipal Court.  She is EVERYWHERE, except in the Court Room.  She is always on vacation or leave of some kind, or campaigning; there are more visiting judges in her courtroom than any court in Geauga.  

My son attends West G and I heard the presentation for the new schools and low and behold, who was on their Facilities Planning Committee but Terri Stupica. She wants everyone to pony up and give huge amounts of money to rebuild all of the campuses.  

And I personally feel that Terri Stupica is a huge phony, she was in charge of the Opiod Task Force and they did nothing but stand by and watch this county go down the tubes.  What a phony she is!

I always try to avoid her at the Notre Dame chicken dinner event.  Can’t stand a phony.

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