Century Village In Burton: No Apple Festival For Us

By: Disgusted in Burton

Instead of serving a crock of apple butter, the mean and nasty board members of Century Village are serving up a crock of shit!  

Our family is new to Burton and we wanted to participate in the Apple Butter Festival, but the snooty, hateful members treated us very poorly last year.  There was a particularly mean old woman, Gayle, and she acted like we were criminals.

They write…”Century Village Museum invites you to join us in taking a step back in time and learning the history of our ancestors way of life.”

FAKE, FAKE, FAKE…, there is no invitation, if you are not “one of them”, you are an outsider.

Nasty, political, hateful…, etc., would best describe their board, and hateful committees.

This year, they will be serving SOUR apples, to match their character.

3 thoughts on “Century Village In Burton: No Apple Festival For Us

  1. The Apple Butter Festival has gone down hill.. It looked like an Appalachian hootenanny! The site venue is beat up and dirty. It’s really gone down hill.

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