My neighbor does not pay taxes…

By: Jennifer L. Malmquist

I live close to Patterson Fruit Farm.  They have some kind of agreement with their property taxes and the amount of their taxes are reduced because they “donated” their land to the Park District.  Is it really a donation if you are paid twelve million dollars for the land?  And why is Jim Patterson still operating that store on the land, if the land is donated?

He has every levy sign on his property.  Jim Patterson supports all levies but he does not pay them the way we do.  We don’t have rebates or exemptions, like his family.  And we certainly do not have twelve million dollars, and all he “donated” was mostly swampy, marshy land.  Nice money if you can get it.

I’m voting against the park levy, I don’t like subsidizing the old coots who are members of the good ole boys clubs.

Jim Patterson is not my favorite neighbor.

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