Geauga Growth? Is that a wart?

By: Linda Skepp

I received an invitation to a meeting that was organized by a group called, “Geauga Growth”.  At first I thought this was a medical warning seminar because the name sounds like a wart or “growth”, but  they are some kind of self-created development corporation.  

What happened to the Geauga County Department of Development?  Does it still exist?

Geauga Growth hit me up for money, they want me to be a “partner” and, of course, I declined.

What a ruse!  This is nothing more than a bunch of dried up old men who cannot get real jobs and so they created this bullshit organization to line their pockets.

What a surprise to see University Hospital, a.k.a., that asshole Frenchie as a supporter.  It’s the same people who are involved in the Geauga Park Foundation.  The same bunch of dried up old men who have lined their pockets with Geauga residents tax monies.  

No thanks, I’m not interested in being a “partner.”

And Geauga Growth is exactly what they claim to be — a wart.

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