Carmella Shale – Does She Actually Have A Job?

By: Anonymous

Geauga Water and Soil Director Carmella Shale (Mary Samide’s daughter) is an absentee employee. ¬†We rarely see her at the office; is she telecommuting?

What is Water and Soil anyway but a big waste of taxpayer money? Has anyone seen her job description?  And how much is she getting paid not to show up?

This needs investigating.  470 Center Street is rife with absentee/late/long lunch employees. The only thing good thing going on there is the new asphalt paving.

Wasn’t Commissioner Ralph Spidialeri supposed to abolish this department?  I heard him say that years ago, is he still Commissioner?

2 thoughts on “Carmella Shale – Does She Actually Have A Job?

  1. She’s not working, it’s just another political appointment because her mother is the former commissioner. We are paying her salary, vacation, retirement, health care, etc., and she is driving her children around. If she wants to be a stay home Mom, that’s a good choice. But she cannot be a stay at home mom on the taxpayer dime.

  2. Carmella is following in the steps of her mother, Mary Samide. A DO NOTHING! but get paid big.

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